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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 21, 2006 21:13 Flag

    Ficle fans: Which manager would you get in if Rafa goes?

    Wow..are people really talking about Rafa, unbelievable!
    Proven winner...Spanish League, Champions League, UEFA Cup, FA Cup etc and fans want him to go because the boys have under performed in a few away games.
    We hit a record points total for us in the premiership last yr which would have won several titles in other yrs so we are been ruined by Rafa???
    Lets go get an unproven manager who's won an odd cup or scottish title and see how we get on....my god, what planet are some of you on.
    Get behind the team & manager. The toughest games of the Premiership are already over so watch us climb the table. With a bit of luck...remember we were better than Chelsea but managed to lose by poor finishing... we'd far better off, we're not exactly in a crisis. Have people forgotten we've not won the league since 1990!
    Don't be bloody ridiculous...