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    Ficle fans: Which manager would you get in if Rafa goes?

    Its a simple question to those who think Rafa is ruining the club. Which manager can bring us the Premiership? I can't wait for the replies here!

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    • 5 points off 3rd place, allready qualified for the knockout stage of the Champions League, in the quarter finals of the League Cup. 5 trophies in 2.5 seasons.

      Alright we are not going to challenge for the title this season, but Rafa has signed some great youngsters and hs suffered from a lack of funds to buy his first choice picks for the first team.There really is no-one better available to rplace him anyway.

    • It amazes me that we so called loyal fans can become a lynch mob just because we have not had the start to the season we all wanted. Rafa has done wonders for us since he joined and like any good manager and team it takes time to build, don't forget if you started a new business then you wouldn't expect it to break even within the first 3 yrs. For those of you with short memories let me remind you that the same was being said about Peter Crouch yet Rafa's belief has made him a good international player.
      All of a sudden Martin O'Neil is the flavour of the season, but you forget that the only way for Villa to go was up, lets wait and see what he does for the rest of the season and more important the seasons to come.
      I know we are all disappointed and the would like to see Liverpool at the top of the premiership where they belong but I for one will not bay for the blood of Rafa because I believe he will take us to the top, so we have to be patient and suffer the dissappointments but we will bring home the Title I believe SOONER RATHER THAN LATER. as a true supporter and lover of the game I say YNWA and believe

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      • I certainly don't wanna join any lynch mobs and for me Rafa is as good as it gets , problem is how long will he want to stay, under-performing teams and restrictive transfer budgets don't inspire great managers to hang around! Genuine supporters might wanna aim some of their frustration at the players on the park and not at the manager!!!

      • I'm as pissed off as the rest of the liverpool fans,this is not the start we hoped for or expected.But to want rafa to pack his bags,is insane..It took Ferguson years before he found glory with the Manc SHIT..Maureen has only achived success because of the money..Wenger as much as i hate him,he's done a great job with arsenal,but that took a few years..We have to get behind Rafa and the team,it's only a matter of time before we give someone a right spanking..I know it's not what all liverpool fans want to hear,but we have to be Patient!!! As for replacements..there's only One..But King Kenny will never grace the liverpool hot seat again...

    • call yourself a liverpool fan...shut your hole you fuckin tossbag,
      rafa is a great manager and if you call a champions league and fa cup in two years'ruining' us carry on sir benitez...what a prick you are

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      • I don't think you understood Lokihermes stance on this Ryan.... He supports Benitez too -- he is asking the fickle fans that are calling for Rafa's head who else they would rather see lead the club.... and thus is trying to point out that Benitez is better than any alternaive (simply as he's the best manager :o) .....)

      • I love Rafa and would keep him for as long as possible, longevity with Rafa will get us where we should be as champions of england, Europe and the World again. Look at shite clubs like newcastle for example who change mangers every couple of seasons (or vice versa change seasons every couple of managers lol) they don't go anywhere or do anything, so unless a russian squillianair is going to help us buy the league I suggest we stick with our spanish king and support his scouse armada.

        The only way Rafa would leave is if the lure of Madrid made a strong bid to take him back to spain, in this event I would like to see one of the old guard back from within like the old days. Maybe Gary Macallister would be good.

    • John Toshack

    • Rafa isn't going anywhere, he's a brilliant manager. 1st season champs league, 2nd FA cup give the guy a chance.

    • Steve Coppell is the man. Been a success everywhere he's been, he knows English football inside out, and even a Liverpool fan at heart

    • Personally I don't say get rid of Rafa. But I do think we fans have the right to be VERY critical of him. Two seasons running we've been out of the running before xmas. This year is so obviously down to squad rotation.

      I think Rafa is bright enough and strong enough to recognise mistakes, and sure enough, recently he has put out a more regular team. I don't think the SG on the right argument is anything to do with it - thats just a red herring.

      I think he's a great manager - but there's plenty of managers who promise to deliver season after season... but never quite get there. Lets hope rafa isn't the next Houllier/Evans/Souness etc.

      There's only one manager I'd prefer (assuming Mourinho is unavailable) and that is O'Neill. He should have had it before, and even now, given the choice between him & Rafa I'd go for MON. But other than him I'd stick with Rafa.

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      • I have a heavy heart at the moment. The current Liverpool style of play is not exactly attractive. I know against Middlesborough we retained possession and had 80% or so of the ball but we did bugger all with it. If we can't break a useless and negative boro side down away from home then I'm sorry to say we are where we deserve to be in the table. We play with no flair, no imagination, no spontaneity, and its all a bit formulaic and that is down to Rafa. I can't call for him to go, I don't like that attitude but I'm struggling to see evidence (apart from his past achievements) that he will make us successful. We are going backward fast! It is obvious the players don't believe in themselves, but to rafa the system is more important than the players. He seems to not realise it is the players who win matches and they need to believe in themselves. If he was to go and I don't beleive he should at the moment then I don't see any available candidates. I could only endorse Martin O Neill who is the opposite to Rafa entirely as he believes the players should have things simplified and be given as much confidence as possible. Rafa, YNWA, We are all still with you so turn it round for us!!!!!

    • Those who ask for Rafa are irrationally I think expressing their frustration at why things have not yet clicked for Liverpool. If you finish the season fifth or worse and have had little interest in the closing stages of any of the cup comps then there will be some pressure. Right now I don't think there is.

      In terms of replacements O'Niel wouldn't move from Aston Villa now he's started that job, Houlier is doing really well where he is and most of you guys wouldn't want him back anyway...... so in other words its a good question for those who want Rafa to go.... don't ask for it unless you're sure the board can either lure a well proven and well known manager or can follow the much more risky approach of plucking someone unknown and perhaps untested at this level and bring them to Liverpool.

      My bet you'll finish at least 4th, problem over, Rafa will reflect and like the good manager he is I think come back with a new approach next year... you may yet see some glory in the fa cup or cl.

    • I don't think Rafa is ruining the club, he just needs more time, but if he did leave then i would say Martin O'Neil would be a good choice.
      How about Paul Jewell for a dark horse choice though? he's a Scouser and former Liverpool player; he's done well at Wigan and with a decent club backing him up he might be alright.

    • Bring back Gerrard Houlier

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