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  • Elrik M Elrik M Dec 4, 2006 23:50 Flag

    Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum

    From tonights Echo, if this comes off we could really be back in business big-time. A new stadium and most importantly no debt!

    LIVERPOOL Football Club is set to be taken over by the investment arm of the Dubai government, the ECHO can confirm.

    Control will transfer into the hands of the world's fifth-richest man, whose personal fortune dwarfs that of Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich.

    Barring a last minute hitch the stunning deal worth around £400m will go ahead in the next few weeks, taking Britain's most successful football club into a hugely exciting new era.

    The Reds' battle for investment is now all but over following talks with DIC - a company which owns Tussauds and the London eye and which is linked to Dubai's ruling Maktoum family.

    The Maktoums are one of the world's richest, owning the Godolphin Racing stables as well as governing one of the most rapidly developing, oil-rich countries in the modern world.

    Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum is Prime Minister and Vice President of the United Arab Emirates, as well as the Ruler of Dubai.

    With an estimated personal wealth of $10bn, there are only four men on the planet with more cash than him.

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    • Just sit on your high and mighty chair m8! better yet get the fuck out of LFC threads, if all you can come up with is camel trading talk. How funny!
      Not 100percent sure on transfers for the summer gone (this was probably our biggest spending summer in a long time) If you take say the last 5 years, the manu have definetly spent more.
      And no, you won't be on my list, scum!

    • Really?? because you've been nothing but bigoted on most of your threads today...

    • it was the only option if LFC wanted to remain competitive... after Abromovich moved the goal posts this is the only way forward... I just hope that it is run like a business and not a plaything...

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      • I'd agree with that, for years Man Utd and Liverpool benefitted form higher spending power than their rivals because they had bigger stadiums and fan bases, spent more on youth development etc and were dominant for large periods ( bar the odd gatecrash from Arsenal). Now things have changed... theres more money in football, the CL is crucial, theres much more strength in depth in the prem after the new funding of west ham, portsmouth and Villa. Abramovich has raised the stakes, Arsenal have increaed their financial muscle with a new stadium... somehting had to happen with Liverpool... I am not one to say chelsea have bought the title in the same way I wouldn't criticise Manutd and Liverpool of eras gone by for using their larger fan bases and commercial income to help them do well on the field... you use what you have to win.

        The Dubai mob will really help Liverpool... new stadium, no debt, perhaps some additional investment in players, but they will want it done in a sustainable way. Good luck to you, its positive and of course will attract jealous detractors but you'll just have to deal with them.

    • A great pity that a club with the class and magnitude of Liverpool have sold their soul to the devil and are no better than the scumbags from West London.

      Modern football sucks - Chelscum and Liverpool are testament to that.

    • Anyone else heard the rumour this guy wants to buy Tranmere Rovers to use as a feeder club for Liverpool?
      I read it on Wikipedia - just wondered if anyone knew if there is any truth to it?

    • Good luck to you. Hope this'll stop a lot of the pointless abuse of Chelsea fans by some people.

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      • Wow ive only just seen this, im excited, but at the same time apprehensive, i do hope as its been suggested before we dont go the Chelski route!!.... But i do think Moores and co will keep our best interests at heart!

        And i did read that he is a supporter aswell, which, i do know can mean f**k all when business is concerned, but think its betteer than if he wernt!

        Also if we get a bigger transfer budget then that can only mean good times for LFC!!!!


    • They own Madame Toussads? So that's why they want more dummies..

    • Hey if it happens you can always trade camels back and forth between you and Arsenal. This might stop the ManUSA threads. Lets face it football is now a business. Id be happy to see your lot move into a new stadium. Lets face it the top teams will all eventually be taken over by foreign investors. Chelski, ManUSA, West Ham, Villa whos gonna be next????

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      • At least you scum havn't followed chelsea as much, though how much american money did u spend this year? about 50mil? we only spent 10mil i think, if that, we had to sell to cover our spending.
        It would be good to see LFC on a financial par with the other three, because we are definitly there on the pitch, although we probably dont have enough quality depth. maybe that will change soon?

    • What happened to the George Gillett guy, it was in the papers that he was to bid £250M for the club and stump up £200M more for the stadium, £50M more than the "Sheik". Maybe theyre'll be a bidding war!
      If we do get bought over in an "Abramovich" type of way, I'd hate to see us going down the road of massive spending the way Chelsea have, £30M on a 30 year old rubbish Ukranian, you would want to be off your fucking bulb!

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      • I don't think he's going to do it the chelsea way! ie: spending 100mil each year. Probably the same way united have been taken over, but better cus apparantly moores and parry are still going to run the club.
        They want more of an investment, rather than an abramovich game, as far as i can see.
        However, if he does want a game, he certainly has got many more aces than abramovich!
        Oh and supposedly that gillet guy wanted his own people on the board to control everything, but good old moores wouldnt have it.