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    Liverpool drive me nuts!

    For 3 seasons now the team has not been consistent from the start of the season and have only started stringing results together from November onwards. Can you imaging what we could do if we flew out of the traps immediately? It bloody drives me mad!

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    • We all get frustrated but I don't think that having a go at Loki is valid. I think that being frustrated is part of being a true footie fan...LFC included. I have been a Liverpool supporter for over 30 years and I get frustrated! The frustration is not born out of disloyalty but of a yearning for the return to our glory days. It is galling to see Chelski buy themselves the EPL, when it is blatantly obvious there is none of the passion from team or supporters that is associated with Liverpool FC. The point that LOki is making is that if we could be more consistent at the beginning of the season then we would be Champions again! I see no disloyalty in stating this! Please reply to me as I would love to chat a bit more about this. YNWA!

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      • yes the reds drive me crazy win or lose but we need to appriacite what rafa has put together n hopefully things will start to come right . we are not out of the big picture yet as all top four teams are worried about a visit to Anfield hence they have play each other again.keep smilling and the gods will do the same ,stop keeping those sorry faces. viva viva liverpool .from surprise in Botswana , Southern Africa

    • LOKI, its as simple as this....

      I get frustrated too, but I dont bitch about it, or slag them off.
      A 'Fan' is someone who is 'fan'atical about their team.
      You my friend, are obviously NOT a true LFC fan.
      Your other post about RIISE confirms this.
      You are one of many who come on here, moaning about how inconsistent we have been, or who has been playing crap etc.
      So I suggest you do one of the following:
      (1) Get behind LFC and become a true fan.
      (2) Go support Manure United this year, then maybe Chelsea next year, Arsenal the next, etc.

      REMEMBER -

      Walk on, through the wind,
      Walk on, through the rain,
      Though your dreams be tossed and blown.
      Walk on, Walk on, with hope in your heart,
      and You'll never walk alone,
      YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE !!!!!!!!

    • I AM ALSO NUTS ABOUT LIVERPOOL, win lose or draw, if it aint liverpool it aint footy

    • The bad start in the last three seasons were understandable and expected. We did not have a pre-season training due to WC 2006, and we had several injuries and exhaustions to recover.

      In 2005, we had a very early start in July for the EPL qualification.

      It was Rafa's first season in charge in 2004. We also had quite a major re-shuffle in the squad. Unsmooth team work in the early season was expected.

      In fact, we have never had a good start of a season in many many years, under Evans or Houllier. We were not qualified for EPL in 10 years, except once.

      Rome was not built overnight. I never expect Rafa to win the Premiership for Liverpool in the first 5 years. Getting two major trophies in a row was quite an accomplishment already.

      However, I hope we will have a much better start in the next season.

    • Only the past three years? they have been doing my bonce in for a lot longer than that, apart from the reason you gave the inability to beat the so called "average teams" drives me up the wall, i guess i'm just spoiled by the past and expect us to just sweep sides away as easily as we used to, god i want those days back, every season it seems we are getting it right but it just doesn't happen, i want that league title, we've won nearly everything else except that and its so dam frustrating.

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      • Nuts is probably an understatement pal, they do drive us crazy. And this year is worse than previous years coz we are playing the best football of any Liverpool team of the past decade. We are dominating just about each and every team we play against be it at home or away. But the domination just comes to nought as we miss easy chance after easy chance.

        And lo behold should we go behind, then everything just comes apart, the great comeback tradition and spirit of Instabul and Cardiff last year is missing this time around. And if you do not have a fight-back spirit, you are doomed as you cannot take the lead each and every game.

        Having said that I do admire the way the team is playing this season, the intricate passing and movement is a joy to watch. There are times when I think I am watching the Gunners, as we mesmerise the opposition. Noone can accuse the Reds of being boring this time around, but at what cost you may ask. Maybe since we are creating so many chances we need a goal-poacher, Michael Owen would be having a field day if he was still around.

        Maybe we should offer Crouch in exchange for Owen . I know he is injured, but that is because he plays for the Geordies who are cursed. If he comes back he would be alright. Or better still snatch Thierry Henry from the Gunners, him and Wenger do not seem to be friends anymore and we all know he is a big admirer of Liverpool Football Club. Why not spend the Sheik's millions on TH. With our mean defence, midfield and a Thierry Henry led attack we would be unstoppable.

        Yes they do drive me nuts, but they are still the Greatest Team in the World.

    • Its simple Zenden gets injured and we start winning ! Same as last year.

    • We are probably playing the best footy in the league. all the hype preseason was to get off to a good start we need to win the next 7 or 8 to get back in it so you never know. YNWA