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  • cream always rises to the top, the massed ranks of the pretenders to our greatness are about to be awakened to the truth, nobody can hide from the fact that LFC are the chosen ones, this is not blind faith, the proof is here to behold, GOD is in the squad, MOHAMMED is in the squad, and ALLAH is about to sign on the dotted....... praise be, all hail to the righteous reds

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    • love you all, red - blue or something else, black - white or something else, no matter wot faith, football is life, life is for livin, lets get back to life, HAPPY CHRISTMAS WAR IS OVER, rest in peace JL and al those great scousers who went before us.

    • BIGEVO for El Presidente. Thank F**k sum1 who has a brain at last!

    • you got it kidda, light hearted banter, used to be called scouse wit, glad u liked it

    • dear alim, i was raised as a catholic in an all boys school, as kids we were force fed bigotry, i believed the rhetoric of the church, i sang irish rebel song and threw stones at the orange lodge when they marched thru liverpool, i was as twisted as any racist, i do belive in one divine power, although i dont know his or her name, i dont belive in religion, religion is a product of control freaks, i respect your right to worship in whatever way you chose, i will even defend your right to live as you see fit, but i dont believe anybody has the right to force their beliefs on anybody else, i dont believe in father christmas but i dont tell my grandkids he doesn't exist

    • being older than you (probably) i see shanks as the true messiah, he built the empire from nowt, even kenny followed bill, i also dont fully except that kenny did it his way, bob showed the way for kenny, however king kenny graced the pitches of britain better than any who went before and any who have followed (so far)

    • The original post was not a serious posting, it was a comedic one, it was funny,I had a laugh.

      This is comedy m8 and free speech! piss off with your religion! We will use whatever we want so long as it is not inhumane. (me atleast)

      We are rising tho and we will reach the top! YNWA!


    • No, YOU please understand that this is England.
      In England, we are allowed to express ourselves freely - If you dont like it, then go somewhere else.
      If you are offended, then dont read.

      Just do not tell us what we can or cannot say.

      I am getting really sick of people telling me that I cannot say something.
      Political correctness has gone mad in this country, and its all down to people like you, who honestly believe you can influence the way we live.
      Regardless of wether it upsets you, I am not going to change.
      I will say what I want, when I want.
      This applies to everything in life, not just religious sensitivities.

      So go and whinge somewhere else if you dont like the topic of conversation in here.
      Or better still, go and see your member of parliament to cahnge the laws that exist regarding free speech.

    • To fistofjoey,

      i believe you are not a muslim but all im asking you is that if you wish to involve religon or any attributes of a religon then please do it with your religon whichever it is. but with comments like that you obviously have no respect for any religon and i presume that you are a pagan. if this is the case, then please try and refrain from comments like that.

    • There's only one true god and in Kenny we all believed.... his legacy will spur on those who have taken his place as he grows old and weary. Rafa et al are all just followers of the one true king!

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