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  • Chelski definitly been leaking points since Terry's been out, but i dont think it can be totaly down to that. I reckon they cant take the pressure of chasing the title.

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    • Which also makes me think that they may not be able to take the pressure of fighting for 3rd position with Arsenal. It is important for LFC to concentrate on doing the right things. Grinding results, keeping clean sheets and the fight for 2nd will take care of itself. Chelsik will inevitably drop a couple more points.

    • I think ego meltdown is taking place. Chealsea has no doubt created a squad of great talent, but not much in terms of a core team. Just look at the latest comments by Ballack. Basically blaming the system and the boss for why he's not scoring. I suspect others have issues as well with the boss and the ego's next to them. While winning they kept quiet, now the ego's will go into blame game mode. If Chealsea drop to third, I think the bottom will drop out, and they will be lucky to fight off Portsmouth, Arsenal, and Bolton for a 4th place finish and a place in Europe next year.