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  • A Yahoo! User Jan 8, 2007 09:25 Flag

    Luis Garcia and who else to go?

    You!!!!, stop bitchin like a manc, if you think like that, shud carra go, coz his so called tackle for henry's goal was the biggest school boy error ever seen in the professional game,

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    • Let us be fair. We come to this message board to read and to express the joy and frustration on Liverpool because it is the team we support. That is it.

      Whatever we write will not make any impact to the performance of the team. I doubt very much whether Rafa or anyone of his training squad is reading this board, only amongst supporters like us. We are here to share our feelings as a supporter. It is natural for us to be joyful when Liverpool is doing well, and equally we will be frustrated when some players are making mistakes.

      Every message written by a Liverpool supporter is worth reading.

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      • Well said Kuen.

        May I just remind some critics that for the past 2 seasons Rafa had very limited financial resources to build a team. He is doing the best he can to shape a team that can bring success despite the limited resources, and he has done a fine job by landing us the Holy Grail and the FA Cup a year later.

        On the two players mentioned, they may not be the best players for their respective positions, but they are doing a good job at that. You cannot expect they perform everyday, not even Stevie G has his off days!

        The important thing is to correct our mistakes and give the gunners some serious bashing on Tuesday.

      • BOLLOCKS! Kuen the kop was always the envy of the world because of our devine loyalty, while you wear the shirt you can do no wrong, why hasn't anybody called for RIISE's head for allowing the 1-2 which lead to the cross? why hasn't anybody called for CARRA to be sold due to the biggest school boy error in history, if you show loyalty to one, then show it to them all, some of you are startin to walk alone