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  • ALAN ALAN Jan 10, 2007 08:31 Flag


    by now,I am three parts pissed, I didnt want to comment until I had considered what I have seen tonight,
    there is no reason or explanation that i can give, which could make things better,
    if rafa wont accept that he f**ked up, we shud be worried, he doesn't have to admit it, just accept it and stop tryin to justify his signings, by playin talentless players who have no pride, I feel sorry for GUTHRIE he was excellent.
    at least two of those on the field tonight shud never get a shirt again

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    • But only a 3rd of what United played for Veron and I know who most people would want in their team.

      Buying any player is a gamble Sir Alex at United was extremely lucky that he inherited a fantastic bunch of kids, beckham scholes, giggs etc, but a large number of his buys since have been absolute disasters Djemba Djemba & Kleberson being the most recent.

    • There is plenty of need to worry when in one week we lose 9 goals to the same team, there is need to worry when our manager thinks that he can play silly buggers in selection meetings when picking a team for the only competition we have any chance of winning this year. There is need to worry when we still can't even come close to the top two when it comes to quality and consistency.

    • Players like Ronaldo don't come around every day. You talk as if it was our fault that we didn't sign him - well, Barcelona didn't get him, Real didn't get him, Chelsea didn't get him....what are we supposed to do?! A lot of the time, there is a certain amount of luck as to whether a player will adapt to the Premiership. Look at Veron - one of the best players in the world when Utd bought him and he flopped. Same could be said for Schevchenko at the moment. Even Ronaldo didn't set the Premiership alight when he first arrived....nor did Henry as I seem to recall.

      We have bought so-called 'world class' players before like Morientes, who was a proven goalscorer, in Europe and in Spain. Everyone at the time said he was an excellent signing - he just never did it for us. Same for Cisse, just wasn't able to cut it in the Premiership, but is now scoring for fun in France.

      What you have to understand is that it takes more than just one person to do a deal. If the deal couldn't be done, then it couldn't be done and you have to look elsewhere. On the contrary, Liverpool have made some excellent signings, i.e. Morientes, Cisse, Kewell, who on the face of it, were considered excellent signings at the time.

      Kuyt and Bellamy will come good, and have already started to forge a good partnership.

      There is no need to worry!

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