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  • Test him and Madrid with a loan-offer for the rest of the season and see what happens??

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    • I just read Beckham will leave madrid in August and join ... who ???

      Los Aangeles GALAXY !!!

      What a surprise !!! RAOTFLMAO

      Now, Victoria finally can hang around in Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Must have been awful for her to be forced to live in such a horrible place like the Spanish capital. Jesus Christ, who was the one who forced her to that unhuman sacrifice (LOL). Should be hanged from his ballz.
      She'll surely feel much better over there, among so many other poshies. I feel relieved that her life will now improve sooooo much (hahahahaha)

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      • just read the same thing, 5 year deal with LA. Guess mine and other's theories go right out the window.

        However, I think he's a fool. Yes he's past his prime, and question mark on whether he can make it EPL, let alone Italian or Spanish leagues, but going state side is just giving up. Think he has even an outside chance of making England squad now?

        Only 2 two possible reasons for it: Victoria, Money, or both. Only other possibility is he really thinks he's done. If that's the case, if his confidence is gone, then he really is washed up, and the Yanks can watch him go out into the sunset!

    • All pie in the sky now - off to the US and the easy $!!

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      • I think he is looking for one more shot at the big european contests before he goes to the States. If Real don't start playing him he's got 3 options: Another Spanish team, Italy, or back to the EPL.

        Others have shown the footballing reason why it might work for us. While I think its a real long shot, you've got to look at Beckham's motivation to make it happen. If he came back to EPL, its to prove he's still top flight (?), he'd want to be in a squad where he could get first team starts, and he'd want a team in the top half of the table.

        He might choose LFC as he could expect at least a chance of starts if he performs, especially with injury issues right now. System may fit him also, Spanish coach, and players he's used to linking up with (Carra, Stevie, Crouch).

        Lastly his biggest motivation to come to Anfield would be to get revenge on Sir Alex! Yes he was a Manc, but if he pulls on the red shirt to get back at them, then I'd say we give him a shot. Besides Robbie was a Blue before he pulled on a red shirt and had a conversion. Things to gain, very little to loose.

    • Not as off the wall as some may think!

      As mentioned on here, great revenue and can still deliver a great cross plus perfect for dead ball situations. As for him being past it people should remember players like Tony Cottee, Teddy Sheringham and Alan Shearer who at Beckham's age were arguably still in their prime and putting many younger players to shame. Beckham will also provide a wealth of experience for the younger midfielders so there are benefits off the field as well as on it. Beckham, Gerrard and Carragher have all played together for England many times as well.

      Realistically I'd be amazed if he did sign but if he did then what the hell, if it doesn't work over the 6 months what have we really lost?

    • with luis now injured. maybe only maybe a loan deal he is old and past his best so lets look yto the younger players and bring them through

      with momo back soon alonso can be rested and in case od dire emergency on the right that gerrard option can be used again as i said only in dire emergency

    • I agree, loan would benefit us with players out injured, no initial transfer fee, time to see if he can still hack the EPL and we'll make more money in shirt sales than the cost of his loan wages. If it works out then we get him for free in the summer and have an experienced squad player if it doesn't then we haven't lost anything. It worked with anelka, we never lost anything and he scored a few vital goals for us.