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  • A Yahoo! User Jan 12, 2007 21:20 Flag

    Dubai Holdings want Olympique Marseille instead

    If this is true then we are cursed.

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    • Where did you hear that ?

      The only thing coming out of marseille at the moment is possible future coach Sven getting thrown out of the training ground !

      As far as I was awaure, DIC were committed to Liverpool ?
      Unless Parry/Moores rejected the bids ?




    • Honestly, can you see how Marseille will be more valuable than LFC? I can't. We like the club because it worths it. If DIC cannot see it, someone else will. I understand Kraft is still interested and competing against Dubai for LFC.

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      • Think there may be some confusion here ITV state that Sven is holding talks with Marseille and is currently in Dubai however the ITN news site says:

        "Sven-Goran Eriksson appears to have chosen Marseille as the club to make his return to football management.

        The former England manager has been a free agent since stepping down after the World Cup in July.

        He has been linked with a number of prominent jobs across Europe in the past six months, including Real Madrid and Inter Milan.

        L'OM, currently seventh in Ligue 1, is the reported target of a proposed takeover by a FRENCH-CANADIAN billionaire.

        If the reported deal is completed the Swedish duo are expected take over the management duties at the eight-times French champions"

      • Dubai may have seen something during the due dilligence which would make investing in LFC not that attractive. It's not about just the history, tradition etc. The numbers have to add up. I keep mu fingers crossed that the rumours is not true.

    • If they went for marseille the price tag would be a lot less (its not as big a club) and would be an entirely different deal in that the worldwide fan base for marseille is much smaller etc, french langauge issues to a degree limit appeal, and their competitors in the french league are not as internationally followed as Liverpool say.... But if true they might be doing it because the investment required is less, they would be the first major investor into france and france has big growth prospects and they would be buying frances biggest ( I think) club.... haven't heard the rumours myself but if it is a prospect then clearly its a way into football with perhaps less investment less risk and more upside although obviously is not as big a deal as liverpool would be.

    • Don't see how this would make sense. I could understand a different club in the UK, but LFC made sense as it went along other entertainment assets DIC has been building up in the UK. Don't know what other investments they might have in France, but don't think its the same as what they are trying to do in the UK.

      My guess is this is either a mistake or rumor, or its a barganing ploy to try for the best deal from the LFC board. Despite some peoples prejustices, these folks are not dumb arabs, but serious businessmen. LFC would be the jewel in a UK entertainment portfolio. They want a sports franchise with great facilities (new stadium) world brand name, and operates at the top of the domestic and European compititions. LFC fits that perfectly, another club (in UK or anywhere else) may have a smaller price tag, but would require much more investment to build brand and success on the field.