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    Rafa must go - only serious comments please.

    My arguement is that it is time for Rafa to stand aside. Ok he won the CL in 2005 but this does not make him untouchable, I have read on here so many times that we should have faith because of that night but surely even the people that say this will soon get fed up if we do not win anything this year.

    I know that we also won the FA Cup in 2006 but did we really win either of those due to Rafa, no, Stevie G won both those for us and my big concern is what will happen to him if we keep going in the same direction we currently are. I for one would rather keep Gerrard and lose Rafa than vice versa.

    Some people argue that we should keep Benitez as he has improved our squad. I agree that the squad now is stonger than in the past few seasons, but this just reinforces the case to get rid of him in my opinion. We need a manager who is able to get the best out of the players that we have and can also play them in their best positions (e.g Gerrard).

    I think that if we had a better manager we do have the basis for a premiership winning side with maybe just one or two signings.

    This is just my opinion and everybody is entitled to theirs, I would be interested in hearing sensible replies.

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    • Are you mad ? rafa has to be the best thing thats happened to us in a long time. Considering he hasnt been able to compete with moneybags chelsea and utd in the transfer market i think he"s done a great job..now that there is some serious money available to him i think we will make that step up. Remember fergie took a long time to win the league and build an empire at utd as did shankley when he come to us ok chelsea bought the league but what happened to blackburn??bought the league then dissapeared.

      tom lfc

    • come back thomo all is forgiven but if not keep raffa,greed now rules football.you either pay huge amounts or grow your own.

    • You are typical of the fair weather supporters. To qoute "if you had a brain you would be dangerous" Rafa Benitez is the best manager Liverpool have had since Bob Paisley he should be supported by the board and the fans 150%. What gives me the right to say it is that I have been a Liverpool supporter for over 60 years and can remember the humiliation of being in the old second division and having to suffer the taunts of that other football side that try to play nearby.

    • HAHAHAHA redjackal..i think that its time for u to go and support the chelski swine or the mannure scum...we dont need scum like u supporting the reds u prick...lfc4ever and RAFA BENITEZ YOU STUPID COCK

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      • has rafa made mistakes? yes and they have cost us 2 cups this term and some points in the prem

        but are liverpool fc moving forward? again yes we have a stronger squad with better players and after the 2-0 win over chavski we are playing some attractive football

        so to answer the thread NO rafa should not go, keep the faith and watch us finish this season strong and then take another step up next season

    • if a pin put a hole in a ship would you be running around shouting abandon ship.i may not agree with some of his tactics but we have lost no ground with him and got silverware.perfection costs money and liverpool do not have chelseas money and if they did i would be ashamed if we used it in the same way.i think we have a good squad but they dont play enough together to build up an understanding with each other.

    • don't know what you're talking about who else is there better than rafa

    • Rafa Benitez has done more for liverpool in two years than
      anyone else in the last twenty,have some respect if they were winning everything you would'nt be bitchin, I'm gettin really sick of this crap loose a couple of games and call for his head how blind you are.How long did it take ferguson
      to win the league when he first went to utd,your just like chelsea you want it all now.Oh ye who have little faith..............................

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      • What do u mean "just like Chelsea and want success now".
        The Champ's League was an unexpected bonus as Rafa does look to know how to win cups.Trouble is Liverpool have always measured themselves against domestic teams just as much as Euro teams, so they do expect to win the odd league title now and again...Yet again under Rafa, Houlier or whoever, Liverpool are a country mile short.If they had cup success and were snapping at the top 2's heals then i would agree that patience is needed but the choice is clear..Either you choose to have your best chance in the cups but no chance in the league, or you try and achieve both which means a different manager?

    • This is why he shouldnt go just yet.


      Get off his back and support the man.

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      • Xabi,

        Now I'm a Rafa fan, but here lies our problem, losing 1 in 4 prem games is not a record to be proud of. Back in the 80's and 90's you could get away with losing 6 or 7 in season and still win the league, now the bar has been lifted you need close to ninety points to win (that would mean Liverpool winning their remaining games to hit 88); as we are already on the losing 1 in 4 pattern again this term.
        Sorry guys but Rafa really needs to sort his tatics out away from home, particularly against the teams in the top half; we have lost 18 out of 21 points this season so far.
        On the plus side, if we can continue winning at home we only have to play Portsmouth and Reading from the top half away from home, all the rest are in the bottom half.

        **Do you believe in miracles?**

    • Rafa did improve the squad these few years. But i really don't think that Rafa should go. He is better than gerard houllier though. He does screw up sometimes but everybody makes mistakes right? I don't think keep changing players in the match is a good idea. But that is his own decision. Maybe he already got the plan for winning the match. We should support him too, as well we support the players.

    • You wanted serious comments ,yet your post is utter rubbish...i have something serious for you....GO FUCK YOURSELF..now thats serious!

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