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  • 3-4-3 formation, think it has potential !

    I liked the look of this today (Watford 13th jan)

    Waht do you think ?????????????????????

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    • I liked it, but comments about it working only against lesser teams maybe right. However, with Momo coming back, maybe that free's things up for a more creative look in the middle and up front.

      With Momo running around breaking things up, and playing the defensive midfield role, should free up Stevie to push up, or roam out on the wings. I would not even mind if does end up on the right when Momo returns, so long as he's given freedom to roam around and know he's got back up behind him. That's when a player like Stevie is at his best, when he can do the unexpected. Oppositions get flustered trying to mark him, and he gets the freedom to run at a defense, lay off to the strikers, or power shot in from 18 yard line.

    • I think it's a formation we can deploy against "lesser" teams. It worked great on saturday and a lot of fans are lauding rafa's call. After reading a few of the posts on LFC's board, I started wondering if those same people would have verbally crucified him it didn't work. That leads me to the conclusion that formations, choice of player, and all other tactics are mostly questioned if they don't produce results.

    • a decent midfield would rip us to bits playin like that, we gave the middle of the park away to play Wimbledon style long balls, it wont work against the top sides