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    In Rafa We Trust.

    It has been a winning end to what some people have dubbed the worst week in Rafa's term at Liverpool. It seems every time we get knocked out of either the Carling Cup or FA cup, it is the worst day in Rafa's time at Liverpool.It does not matter one bit that Rafa has led the team on an impressive run in the League, 2 defeats by the same team over 4 days and suddenly there is a crisis at the club.

    Rafa is right, he did not come to win the Carling and FA cups, but to make us a force in the premiership and Champions League. It is nice to win these 2 cups but not at the expense of the two major targets. To be honest I was not heart-broken when we got knocked out of the bloody Carling Cup. What does winning it give us? UEFA Cup, why any team can play in the UEFA cup just for having the best disciplinary record (ask the Geordies). I hate the bloody Carling Cup, we lost Momo for more than 3 months and now Luis Garcia for the rest of the season because of this useless Cup.

    Admittedly everyone has the right to an opinion, but anyone who demands the sacking of a manager who has with meagre resources at his disposal, made the team one of the most feared in the League and led them to 3rd is at best an idiot. Unlike Chelsea and Man U above us who can manage to buy a single player for more than 25 million pounds, Rafa has to beg for every penny in order to get the player he feels can make us a better team. For the mighty Reds 10 miillion pounds is the best we can do and this happens once in 3 years or so. To be honest we do dont have the best players in the League, but we do have one of the best organised teams and that is entirely due to Rafa. Apart from Stevie G, the rest of the team are moderately good at best but definitely not world class. Some people say Crouch for instance is not good enough to play for Liverpool, the thing is, those players You think are good enough to play for us, Liverpool cannot afford them. Instead of whining and moaning that so and so is not good enough for us, be thankful that we are doing bloody well with the so-called not good enough for Liverpool players.

    Some idiots have said that we only won the Champions League and FA cup due to the single handed efforts of Steven Gerrard. I love Stevie to bits, but I find this thinking an insult not to Liverpool supporters and other players. Yes he was outstanding in both matches, but were it not for the efforts of others around him, we would have lost. Dudek was inspired in the CL final and Pepe Reina despite gifting West Ham the goals in the FA Cup final made the crucial saves in the shootout. No one player single handedly won us these matches, it was a team effort and Rafa was the architect. It is Stevie G's job to be outstanding, he is the club captain and our most talented player. Talented, skilled and committed though he might be, he still needs the support of his team-mates and Rafa has managed to bring the best out of Gerrard and the other players around him.

    If as a Liverpool fan You cannot acknowledge and identify what Rafa has done for the club in the short time that he has been at the helm, then maybe You are better off supporting the Toffees, what Rafa has done is nothing short of miraculous and criticising him and demanding his sacking on the few times when things do not go our well is just being plain ungrateful. One genius has come out and said that Rafa is not the man who can make us win the EPL, my question to you is who on this planet can? As long as we have to beg players to join Liverpool rather than shell out the money needed, winning the League will remain a dream, but we do know that with Rafa in charge, that dream may one day become a reality. Just leave the guy alone to do the job he came here to do.

    IN RAFA WE Trust......

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