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  • Eggo Eggo Jan 15, 2007 05:48 Flag

    DIC TakeOver

    Got it from a good source that the deal has taken place tonight, and an announcement will be made in the morning.

    Initial indications are that there will be around £30m in transfer money, but the emphasis is on attracting future stars, rather than a quick fix.
    This falls in line with what Rafa and Parry were saying recently.

    No names were mentioned, but at least one big signing will be unveiled within the next few days.
    Given that David Villa was seen today in a Liverpool Restaurant, it seems likely that he could be the first of many.
    Parry hinted at this on SkySports.com when he said "we are working on a few things at the moment" with regards to transfers, because of the injury situation.
    He went on to say that there will no-one be leaving anfield.

    I am starting to get excited now, nothing against Parry, but he has always been reluctant to put his hands in his pockets at the right times.
    Although DIC have said they will not use the club as a rich mans plaything (like Abramovich), they have indicated that they will make transfer funds available when Rafa wants them - as long as they make good financial sense. I guess this means not spending 20-30m on someone over 28, but someone like C Ronaldo would be a good investment.

    I really feel this is our time now.
    If we can get those elusive few players we have always been short of, and this doesnt necessarily mean superstars, then I can see us winning the title sooner, rather than later.

    Thoughts, anyone ?



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