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  • Kuen Kuen Jan 16, 2007 16:44 Flag

    What if Jose Mourinho leaves EPL

    Everyone is talking about it will happen at the end of this season. Although there may not be any substance in it, it would be good to start a thread on the what ifs.

    Will it change the position of Chelsea?
    Will the performance of Liverpool be affected?
    Will Fergie or Wenger be interested in the position, or even Rafa?

    For sure, there will be less mud fights in the digouts.

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    • Personally doubt he's going anywhere, and this is more hot air that Maureen is so good at putting out. If anything I'd rather see his Russian Oil barron gone first. He's what is really wrong with Chelsea and the belief you can solve all problems, and keep winning by spending more. I don't blame the manager for spending the money the chairman gives him. Which EPL manager would not ask for more in the transfer budget? Seeing Jose in the EPL without all the money would also prove what kind of manager he really is. He's a good manager I'm sure of, but great managers get their teams through the tough times also, that's where he's unproven in my mind.

      Fergie I'm sure will retire from Manure. He'd be crazy not to, and while I hate to admit it, that's where he's built his legacy of success. I'd say both Wenger and Rafa are in the same place, while they may not stay where they are forever, they both seem to be trying to build something for the longer term. Its what I like about Rafa, he looks at the long-term, builds a system for success with the resources he has, and I believe wants to see it come to fruition. I don't like Arsenal (but don't hate them either) but got a lot of respect for Wenger, as he's really built something, and looks to be trying to do the same again, with a young quality squad.

      I hope Mourinho stay's, as adds something to English Football (even if you hate it) that we need. All teams need a target to go after, and at the end of the day he provides entertainment, and the desire of fans and managers to see him fall. We want to beat him, not have him walk away before we've had revenge. But with the short sighteness of his boss, you never really know.

    • The idea that fergie (escpecially) wenger or rafa would ever move to any other premiership club is nonsense. I think he will stay anyway he is just making it seem that he will walk so that his board sanction him more power