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  • justin justin Jan 18, 2007 15:03 Flag

    how much does neill want ???

    bloody hell, lucas neill should want to play for us, even if he had to take a pay cut... but for him to demand a wage stucture is taking the piss..... he's no jamie carra, or cannavaro, he's a donkey who gives away too many penalties/free kicks.....
    he is taking the piss.... go and play for villa, or some shit cockney team and the only time he'll be in europes, when he's on holiday !

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    • Well to answer that question see below in a earlier reply i said i couldn't see the difference being all that great between the two clubs, tut tut, how wrong was i? and I'm absolutely astounded at the £35,oooa week difference.

      On the subject of getting the wrong idea, it seems Liverpool might have got the wrong idea about Lucas Neill. Such as the idea that he was about to sign for them when, in fact, he was about to sign for West Ham. And what was it about West Ham's £60,000 a week offer that appealed to him? That's what both Rafa Benitez and The Daily Mirror are wondering:
      LIVERPOOL boss Rafa Benitez blasted Lucas Neill after he turned down Champions League football at Anfield to double his money at relegation-haunted West Ham. The Blackburn defender headed for a medical in London after Alan Curbishley offered him a £60,000- a-week deal. Benitez was stunned by the decision after Liverpool offered £25,000 a week, although the deal would have been reviewed once he was established. Neill indicated he was keen on a "dream" switch to Liverpool, and insisted then that he would ignore overtures from the likes of Tottenham and Newcastle.'
      Well, he kept that part of the bargain - he didn't say he wouldn't sign for West Ham

    • what would you do, your going to get regular first team footie and 50 or 60 grand a week and no silverware, or get put in a rotation squad for 20 or 25 grand a week were you dont play regular first team footie and not much guarantee of winning silverware?

      hes only got 5 odd years left of his career, so if someone offers him double money or more? and a five year contract?

      look at harry kewel.......lol

    • never really rated him,

      he was reported as saying this would be a dream move but is focusing on money instead but who would turn down a double the wages deal?

      i think it was shankley who said players should want to play for this club first and foremost

    • Lets define greedy. Reports are we offered 35K a wk, while West Ham trumped with 50K a wk. Anyone out there think 35K is a slaves wage?

      Glad it worked out, as don't need money players, we need players with pride and heart. Besides, chances are he's screwed himself. Sure he'll get money now, but if West Ham goes down, might be on the transfer list again as they will be cash poor. Also, if he's looking at a nest egg for retirement, what type of rep he's going to get at a Championship team when he's looking for that last big contract. With the rumors of US signings, better to be at a high profile club, and then cash in State side before MLS goes belly up like NASL.

    • Why would LFC want him anyway. Frankly this phsycho leg cruncher is more trouble than he is worth. Hopefully this sucker will sign for the Hammers & soon.

    • I for one are happy that mucas lucas is a greedy wage hungry bastard,cause quite frankly he isn't good enough to wipe shit from any liverpool players arse..HAHA probably would make a good toilet cleaner at anfield,jokes aside,Rafa feels that he is only worth so much money in wages,and fair play to him he has stuck to his guns.Other players we have,have taken wage cuts to play for our great club,and they will continue to do so.We shouldn't panic about a back up for Finnan anyway.Everyone is always harping on about giving young lads a chance,and feel that Lee Peltier is good enough for cover if we need him.But some of you may say that he played right back in the arsenal drubbing,but i say that considering he was the youngest and the least experienced defender that night.He had the best game out of any of them,and thats not bad when sami and stevie warnock were playing..Anyway i'm personally glad that Neill is not coming,and that Rafa has once again not given in to a players demands....

    • I cant believe the gap in wages hes being offered from both clubs can be that massively different, although obviously enough to make him stop and think, i hope we don't sign the guy, yeah good defender but he hasn't the want and desire to play for us, how can he? let the W,Ham have him.