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    Tactics against Chelsea

    With the exception of our last visit to Chelsea - when we deserved a draw but lost 1-0 - we have simply rolled over and died against them in the Prem.

    We must attack them, unsettle them, like we did in last year's FA Cup semi.

    Start Crouch, Bellamy AND Kuyt. Let's not use the often tried and often failed 'long ball to Crouch' rubbish. We must take advantage of a match un-fit Cech and also Terry (if he plays).

    We have nothing to fear and MUST NOT show them respect like we have done in the past. We have beaten them in the past, in cup games, so there's no reason why we can't Saturday.

    Anything less than three points for the Reds will a disappointment.

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    • Hi badpuss-i have to be honest and say i'd of choose the cowards option,and prefered to see a bit of daylight between ourselves and the arsenal. However it's always enjoyable seeing manu geting beat. Like you say we have to play the both at anfield yet, so those games each will be must win 6 pointers,no draws. Saying that, every game from now to end of the season will be a must game,especially if we are to mount a serous challenge for the title. Although as a realist i'm inclined to lean more towards second place.Wat a fall that would make for chelski.Cant wait to get in to work tomorrow,so i can laugh at all the laime excuses from the chelski fan i hav to listen to day in day out. Hope the head wasent to sore this morning,i no mine was but i was unusually quick to recover. Barca v Liverpool???

    • Hi kopalot-im a bit up in the air on this one.If Utd win we go 14 points behind them and stay 4 points in front of Arsenal.The other scenario keeps us 11 behind Utd but only a point in front of Arsenal.If we have any asperations of winning the title 11 points, although tough, is not impossible;especially as we have Utd and Arsenal at home and Utd having to go to Chelsea.Where as 14 points seems to me to be too much;so ever the optimist Arsenal for me and let's have a crack at the title!

    • Hi badpuss70 thank u ladbrooks! it was some goal goal o d season possibly i know's it wil l get my vote1 Luv c n chelski get beat... I hope man scum u beat arsenal 2morro. Wat do u think?

    • Hi kopalot79-im having a few beers on Pennant tonight(curtesy of Ladbrookes)i hope i get the chance to it on a few more occasions.

    • Personally I disagree.

      To start with such an attack minded team, even at home, is suicide against a team like Chelsea. Just look back to the FA cup game against Arsenal where we attacked and attacked only to get picked off easily on the break to lose 3-1 despite having 99% of the play.

      What we need against Chelsea is balance and above all passion. We need to be at their heels as soon as they have the ball, and we need to be prepared to get at them at every opportunity. It's a real shame that Momo is out, cause this is the sort of game where he can make a real difference.

      I would play this team:





      Unfortunately we are down in numbers in central and left midfield, so I think this is the strongest 11 we could field this weekend for this match.

      I think the key to winning is to snap at their heels and not give them any time, at all, to get any rhythm. Use Bellamy's pace on the counter with Kuyt acting as the foil. Gerrard and Alonso to really get stuck in to them. Play Agger instead of Hyypia for his pace (Drogba is one quick guy) and make sure that neither he nor Carra get too far up the field, so we dont get caught out like we did against Arsenal. Finnan and Aurelio get forward to support Pennant and Riise when appropriate.

      To be blunt, this is a must win game for the Reds. Anything less would be like admitting we are not as good as the other big 3. We must win, but equally we must not be gung ho and leave ourselves wide open at the back for another mauling...

      Come on the Reds!

    • try to stop gerrard scoring.

      FOR THEM.