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    Alex Ferguson

    Just read on the BBC website that Ferguson had said this "Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson says that even Liverpool fans want his side to win the title ahead of Chelsea this year."
    Is this honestly true, in my personal opinion Man U always has been and forever will be the main enemy, I would prefer anyone else to win the league but them. Maybe i'm saying this as there are Chelsea supporters in my family and despite how they can buy virtually anyone I don't actually mind them. But I really want to know if all Liverpool fans would rather have the Mancs win the league over Chelsea. Do we really want to se those Man U players lifting a title which its been so nice to see elude them for some time now.

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    • yes i would rather man u win the title.the worlds most expensive diving team in the world(although they have improved of late)and i like to think that all those millions could only buy the title for a short time so abro. dig deep or see them fade away

    • Thats's just ferguson playin mind games I hope i speak for every liverpool supporter and say fuck man utd,I would rather see everton win the league than those shower of xxxxxxx's.............................

    • no way,any team but that cheatin manc scum!!!

    • i hate the media love of the mancs more than i hate the mancs, the media love of chelski is worse than that of the mancs due to the london media, therefore, as much as i dont like to agree with sir alice, of the two most hated clubs in england, i would sooner the mancs win it, i feel more strongly about merseyside footy politics, if there was no LFC, all scousers would be blue and vice versa, i dont like red men getting vicious with blue men, if we cant have it, i would sooner the bluenoses have it.

    • As im a person who was called 'scouse scum' in his grandmothers funeral by a Manc supporter i think, even though Maureen REALLY annoys me, everybody can guess my preference!Some feelings run just too deep.

    • unfortunatly, i would rather see manure lift the title. but remember this fergie.........


      And for me the blue noses down the road are our main enemy.

    • Agree, would rather anyone win it than the most over rated club in history

    • Ferguson is just trying to play his mind games with maureen. Let's be honest, even though chelski are getting right under my skin at the moment, Manure are the old enemy and i'd rather slice off my testicles with a rusty farm implement than see those manc bastards win the title again.

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      • Im sorry to intrude onto your message board but ahead of this weekends fixtures i've been browsing all of the top 4s...

        Its comforting to see that some scousers feel the same about us about Romans Dirty Millions invested into Chelsea FC.

        The worst part is that Chelsea feel they are the best regardless.. If Roman invested into one of the other 'fringe' teams like Spurs, Arsenal, Newcastle, Everton, etc.. then they would have probally won a few league titles by now... But in the long run those teams with the history and passion of our teams will always come out on top.

        I see the future of football in us ruling the rest of the 2000s and then another see-saw battle for the dominance in 2010s, 2020s, 2030s, etc...... The future of football is ours... lets make the most of it.

    • chavski are just a nasty team, with arrogant supporters, players and a manager whop id love to slap

      man usa are just annoying and slightly smug

    • Tough question, it like being asked would you rather burn to death, or drown. The thought of either to these winning the prem again turns my stomach.

      A year ago I would have said Chelsea, just cause I can't give anything to the Mancs. But now not so sure. Even thought I've hated Utd since I can remember, its been a long rivalry based on tradition. At the end of the day if you pushed both fans, LFC and Man U, they both want to beat each other because they have a certain amount of respect for the other, and want to be on top.

      But Chelsea, what is there to respect? Any tradition they may have had went out the window as soon as the petro dollars came in. I have a certain amount of respect for all teams in English Football. These are clubs that have grown over decades, with up's and down's, each with unique traditions.

      Teams that want to be successful have labored over years building up squads, by scouting school boys, developing talent, and great management. That's what Shanks did and what Paisley continued. Look at the up and coming teams today - Bolton and Reading are not exactly rich clubs, but build with what they have, and I respect that.

      But Chelsea have turned that on its head. Who other than Terry is a product of the Chelsea system. No, he's the only one from the old system, the new is to buy off the shelf.

      If Man U wins, I'll be sick to my stomach as a liverpool fan, if Chelsea win I'll be sick to my stomach as a Football fan.

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      • I can't choose!!!! No honestly I would have to bear in mind the current behaviour of the parties involved and go for United. Chelsea from Kenyon down to Mourinho and including players such as Ashley Cole and Drogba on occasion amomngst others are bad for football, and the damage their behaviour has done the perception of the game in this country and the way they have tarnished its image is why they are hated (not to mention their functional uninspiring method of playing and grinding out wins) and makes me much prefer (even though they are our hated rivals) for a club with honourable individuals who are great players but who stay silent, out of the spotlight and who work hard for their team and manager like giggs and scholes to win the title. I would rather go for Arsenal given the brand of football they play and the fact our fans share a bit of mutual respect shown by recent games and message boards. However given they are further behind than us maybe all fans should continue rooting for the reds as believe me miracles can happen. So here's rooting for a Reds win tomorrow and a Gunners win on Sunday. YNWA

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