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  • vlad vlad Jan 23, 2007 01:45 Flag

    Well done scousers

    I had to come here and congratulate you on a fine performance.You exploited our weakneses very well.
    I just have one question,do you think that we played well?
    I don't mean to take anything away from your victory but we were absolutely terrible.Forget about our make shift defence,our midfield and strikers just weren't up for it.I had a feeling they thought they would just show up and get the 3 points.Really dissapointing.
    Anyway,well done

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      Only joking mate but your compliments are duly noted. BTW, watching Chelsea last night steamroll Wycombe and the way everyone was celebrating each goal like it was winning the final itself was a bit funny. I dont think your teams problems are over just by beating a "div 4" side mate.

    • Vlad, hat off to you sir for an intelligent post on opposing teams message board.

      Personally, and I think others have said the same, there was a lack of spark across the Chelsea team. Seems to be the off the pitch activity is having an impact on the field.

      Chelsea2007Champions, please take note of posts on this string. You can support your team without being a complete ass.

      Respect to all Football fans, piss off to the morons.


    • Vlad ,

      It was just one League game . Remember we lost to you 5 straight League games . You are still in 4 competitions and looks good for UCL . I'll cheer for Chelsea to win the Premiership again . We'll back to challenge your team next season .

    • Do you think your manager needs a little bit more dosh to beef up your squad?I think he should have spent a little bit more with his brain instead of taking it out of the Russians flowing pocket.
      Thanks anyway we did play well.
      Rafa is the special one.

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      • Thanks vlad, a fine weekend for us after a couple of terrible results in the cup vs Arsenal. You did play badly, but as soon as I saw the Chelski teamsheet I knew we had you barring another great Drogba performance. Can I ask, I know you have injuries, but do Chelsea not play reserve football, or under 18's football? There must be a centre back or two in there somewhere that can do a job, but Jose seems to feel he can't pick someone if they don't qualify as one of his untouchables. Then he tries to get the player to fit the position. If Finnan was injured and Carragher unavailable we would bring in our young right back Peltier for example, not move Gerrard to right back even though he would be a better right back than the young lad! Mourinho seems to have lost the plot when it comes down to picking a team he has built through any other method than flashing the cash around. A week ago I still thought Chelsea would reel in Utd but your manager is giving the manc scum one hell of a chance!

    • Spot on Vlad, you were awful, you are missing John Terry and the three additions to your squad, Schev Ballack & Cole have not fitted in yet.
      Drog had an off day and SWP has gone stale.
      Added to the fact that we certainly did not want to lose three in a row and the game was over after 3 minutes.
      But all things said you are still in 4 competitions.

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      • If i was you Vlad i'd be worried.Your manager and owner are not speaking and there's only one winner there.
        I have my doubts that Maureen will be there next year..who will Abramovich bring in?
        If your manager goes who will he take with him?Terry is stalling so is Lampard.If those go,especially Terry,real problems.
        In the present Ballack and Lampard look like strangers;Shev...where do you start;defence needs reinforcing.
        Abramovich has spent £300m+ trying to win the Champions league and i cant see him waiting forever.
        A long way to go and you are still in for all 4 trophy's but the warning signs are there.

    • No Vlad, Chelsea did not play well, but for Maureen to make the excuse that they are short of players is a complete joke.
      To spend approx £250 million only to complain they are short in any department just goes to show how "special" the special one is.
      And thank you for coming in and being totally civilised about the result, it's always a pleasure to have a "proper"footy fan visit these pages.

    • Cheers Vlad --- bar one or two players there seems to be no spirit in your team...
      Cech was trying to get Geremi up for the game after the first goal (after 6 mins -- he seemed to have given up already)
      Drogba seemed to realise that he's carrying the tea but had had enough of doing so (his reaction to ballack and THAT freekick)....
      other than that there was no unity....