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  • Wendy Wendy Jan 23, 2007 05:21 Flag

    Well done scousers

    If i was you Vlad i'd be worried.Your manager and owner are not speaking and there's only one winner there.
    I have my doubts that Maureen will be there next year..who will Abramovich bring in?
    If your manager goes who will he take with him?Terry is stalling so is Lampard.If those go,especially Terry,real problems.
    In the present Ballack and Lampard look like strangers;Shev...where do you start;defence needs reinforcing.
    Abramovich has spent £300m+ trying to win the Champions league and i cant see him waiting forever.
    A long way to go and you are still in for all 4 trophy's but the warning signs are there.