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  • Can someone please tell me why we have let an english full back go when
    a) we are looking for cover in that area and
    b) another english player has left when it has been proven to obtain success you need a national core in the team.

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    • For sure, Warnock is inferior to Riise, but better than Traore. It is a hard call when compared to Aurelio. They around the same age 26-28 and all play the same position on the backline. Traore was Houlier's first choice, putting Riise up as left wing. Warnock was not given many chances even on the bench by the Frenchman. In the beginning of Rafa's reign, Warnock got the blessing to be regularly chosen, even selected to the national team. For some reasons, he could not grasp it long enough. All these are saying, the chance has come and gone for him, at least in Rafa's eyes.

      Be mindful of the club's coffer, we have to utilise our assets. Any surplus players with cash value should be sold. I am Kewell's fan because I am an Australian, but I will accept to sell Harry in August. In fact, he should have been sold two years ago. That is life in this world.

      Let us be clear that LFC is not looking for a left back, but a left wing, Harry Kewell's position. Although Warnock can play it, is he good enough to run deep? Is he fast enough to chase hard? Is he skillful enough to drill? Is he powerful enough to shoot? Both Harry and Speedy are better than Warnock, as well as Riise.

      One thing I have to agree, we are having less and less English players in the squad. It is sad. Let us see the fact as below.

      Arsenal dominated the League in the last few year before Chelsea, how many English players did they have? Except Theo, is there any English star in their current squad?

      The top four clubs - ManU, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal have been dictating English football for decades. From their current squad, can we pick a full English team covering all positions? You would realise, we cannot feature a goalkeeper. There are almost 50 registered goalkeepers in EPL, how many of them are English players? I think there are less than 10.

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      • Hi there ,

        Eventhough I am a Malaysian Liverpool , I still feel there are very few English player play first team in EPL . That is not good .See what happen to Spanish League , too many foreigners there and their national team always flop where it is matter the most .Why don't Rafa bring more local lads from the academy or other English team. Why need to buy young player from other non-English club. Last time I was really sad that player like Redknapp, Owen ,McManaman go ..but now it is Warnock . I thought Rafa said that Warnock is part in his plan. I don't want to be like Gunners with very very few English born player . Really , the current scenario is not good for football.

      • Quite and the Enland team are quite over-hyped as a result... if we had great english players don't u think managers in the prem would buy them? Facts are theirs a few good english players enough to put together a average England team... true in an ideal world english players would be the only players in our Prem sides but because managers need to win trophies and the board and the fans expect sucess then it's the nature of the game that managers will get whomever they can for the best value and usually thats overseas players. Overseas players are cheaper so why buy an english player pay more 4 him when players overseas are cheaper...

    • the enigma of top flight football; why did Barca let Cesc Fabregas go, why did Madrid let Samuel E¨to go, why did Paris St. Germain let Ronaldhinho go,........
      I think Warnock is small potatoes and after this takeover goes thru, we should be thinkin about fryin some bigger ones.
      Life long Reds supporter in Spain.

    • If he plays 20 games a season at his new club I will be amazed. I like Warnock, but he spent all of his time on the treatment table. He is the same age as Stevie G, but has he made more than 10 appearances per season since he broke into the team - I don't think so. So to get a couple of mil for someone who is always injured is good business in my book.

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      • Good comments all round. Currently LFC has at least 10 first team players with at least 5 being regulars (Gerro, Carra, Crouchy, Pennant, Bellamy). We also have a couple fringe players like Fowler, Peltier, Carson (on loan), Guthrie etc. I don't think anybody can complain that the English representation is low.

        Running the risk of a backlash from our english colleagues, generally english players are not skillful and flashy. They are hard working. You need to strike a balance between brawn and skill. Looking at the current team I would say it's the foreign players that bring skill with the local lads providing the brawn. And this applies not just to LFC but all teams in the EPL. ManU have to rely on the portuguese boy, for skill and Nevile and Co provide the brawn.

        It's been generally agreed that South Americans, Africans and those players from Spain, Portugal and France appear to be endowed with more skill when compared with english, germans and italians. No offence meant.

    • The lad must feel gutted.Liverpools team management planning sucks. Pissup and Brewery spring to mind.