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    Planning for the future - Jordy Brouwer

    LFC has confirmed signing striker Jordy Brouwer, a Dutch U19 international from Ajax. In a year or two there may be no need to spend big in the market as these youngsters come through. Hopefully they are good enough. Add this to Daniele Padelli and Emiliano Insua who were signed during this window. And we have been talking of Carson, Paul Anderson, Nabil El Zhar, Lee Peltier, Craig Lindfield and others. The future may to be bad after all.

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    • i agree the future looks good - as long as potential becomes talent

      how many young players look good only to become nothing?

    • I´d hardly say that 2 leagues in 50 odd years and an inconsequential domestic cup warrant the use of words such as "dominance". Although it doesn´t surprise me that you smurfs get so carried away with such a meager collection of titles, being a club that hasn´t actually experienced a regular winning tradition in it´s mediocre history.

    • Sure that's working for you over the last couple years, but too major problems:

      First you've got a squad of over priced mercenaries, each with huge ego's. That gives you lots of talent in the dressing room, but not much of a team. Hence your problems on and off the field lately.

      Second, even if you can repeat the success of the last 2 years (see point one on why that's in doubt) your completly dependent on the whims of a Russian Oil tycoon. What happens when he's got a new toy to play with? You've got nothing to fall back on. Fulham thought they had found themselves a sugar daddy, but seems he's got new toys now he lives in France.

      Real success is built, not bought. That's what we did in the past, that's what we are trying to do now, and what will happen in the future. Rafa is not Wenger, but that's fine with me. In the next 3 years, he's going to deliver at least 2 Prem titles, and another European Cup, mark my words. With the young talent we're buiding that success will be sustained well into the future, and without having to beg the Russian for more from his piggy bank!

    • in terms of throwing money at the team to buy sucess then take note

      1 - roman is slowly getting bored
      2 - man usa have already halfed their debt and will be spending big soon
      3 - arsenil now with bigger gates will have more spending power
      4 - with dic liverpool will have more spending power
      5 - portsmouth chairman gaydermak could go on another spree

      so if you bring in some talented youth players on the cheap you can still sign one or two big names and mix it all together and glory awaits - wenger, fergie + now rafa have proved that point jose not yet

    • Those, like Chelsea2007Chimps, who support teams that still struggle to get seeded in the Champions league please go back to your boards. This board is for supporters of a team that is regarded as one of the biggest and best in the world.

    • This Dutch kid is going to be another player who we never hear about in 2-3 years time. Ajax released him for a reason: he wasn't good enough! And I'm quite confident that the Ajax coaches and youth team developers can sort out the good 'uns from the bad 'uns.

      How many times have we heard how we'eve signed the next big player: Biscan, Cheyrou, Pongolle, La-Tallec, Diao - all of them rubbish! This Brouwer signing does not excite me at all.....

      Still, could have been worse - we could have signed Lucas Neil on 60k a week....! Ha Ha Ha....West Ham have just been mugged!

    • yes Liverpool not have good record of buying for future. Name any of these stars who have come thou. I not think of any.

      Jose !

    • Erm Mr Chelshit fan... We have a good record of youth policy coming through..ever heard of Steven Gerrard u dumbass!!!!.. and thats b4 we start with the likes of Fowler, Carragher to name a few. So in future mr ChelSHIT fan, i'd be content in supporting a club that plays really poor boring defensive football and has to buy success... You know u support LFC INSIDE....HAHAHAHAHA

    • You even live in London ! haha Come and watch the best.
      these are not player that have been buyed in buy managers but come in throu youths.
      Name one who was buyed for the future from other club ?
      Jose !

    • this season has seen daniel agger take a step up he was bought for the future ast season - there you go that is proof

      and now we are waiting on another number of young players to follow him both bought and also trained by the accedemy

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