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  • Les-Paul Les-Paul Jan 29, 2007 16:46 Flag

    Anyone else having a 6th star stitched onto their shirt?

    To all those who boringly say we talk of old history....
    I'd like to remind you that the only trophey we haven't won YET in the 7 years of this century, is the league. Everything else sits in our bulging trophey room.
    Point being, we are the most successfull club this century too!!
    Stick that in your pipes!!!

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    • Why are there so many ManU scums on Liverpool's board? Got nothing to write about your pathetic achievement in the last 3 years? You have won bugger all yet this year, so don't count your chickens before they hatch! Whereas we have already won the Community Shield.

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      • I hope man u win nout again. Once again their worthless fans could not be heard at there own groung winning 2-1 and all you could here was play up pompy.

        Yes we are out the cup but we still have a small chance at CL because we are playing quality opposition unlike the mancs who must just pick who they play.

        YNWA and ps. Manc twats weve won it 5 times if you havent heard