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  • For those who have read a few off my posts will know I am a Man Utd fan, but why I am here is just to put my opinion across.
    As you all know Man Utd are owned by an American football team owner and yes to most united fans we found it rather annoying to be at the butt of some of the jokes and comments regarding the Glazers ownership, but mostly being plunged into debt.
    The takeover was against what all Utd wanted but there was bugger all we could do about it.

    But we are a little further along now and as it's obvious for all to see we are doing Rather well, I have not wrote this to boast or patronise, but I felt I would put this across, the scousers hate the mancs , the mancs hate the scousers, etc, etc , blah, blah.
    It's just banter and most of the time friendly, ps. my wife is a scouser.
    But some of the hatred between the fans is scarry, Maybe we should think about all the manc scum and the scouse twats that are fighting side by side in Iraq against a common enemy.
    I know this is a little utopian but I am feeling meloncholy and a bit drunk.

    Whatever is going to happen with Gillette is going to happen so just try and enjoy the ride.

    Red Till I am Dead.

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