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  • hahahaha bring on Sheffield United at least they will make a game of it!

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    • You lot are as bad as Wenger. We aint gonna roll over so you can score goal for fun.

      We came with a battle plan and it worked beautifully.

      Why are you so appalled that a team came to Analfield and shut up shop! I'll take a point anyday away from home.

      You had 75% possession and only 3 shots on target. That's shocking and shows the lack of quality you have in attack.

      Accept that we out-thought you and Chubby Checker on the side-lines.

      As for being a small team. in terms of squad size we are and Moyes summed it up beautifully by saying we are £100 million apart yet we held you to a draw.

      Waste of money I think it's called. And a lack of passion for a Derby game. Your foreigners aint got a clue about passion in a derby game.

      Championship over for another season. Accept it and move on.

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      • at least lfc have a season weare third where are you ,so called best team in liverpool ha ha ha ha

      • both teams were shit today face it ---
        Everton showed no ambition whereas we showed that we are truly missing a couple of players that can unlock defences from the wing such as Simao or Ronaldo....
        That was one of the worst derbys I've gone to -- and Everton played such negative tactics it showed why Europe is probably not an aim for them this year.... Don't get me wrong -- Stubbs was truely awesome today as was Lescott -- but Moyes played awful tactics that were just a spoiler and not what this fixture is about....