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  • the recent trouble in italy that has led to all football being suspended due to the death of a police officer is a tragedy

    however with constant riots and currupt clubs and officials i think uefa should kick italy out of european compition until it gets its house in order - england were threatened with a ban for fan trouble before the last euor championships - where is the threat of a ban for italy??? - and finally one way to stop trouble at games is to make every game home fans only it would make for a poor atmosphere and i hope it never happens but something needs doing now


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    • with the return of european football the following matches will provide for intresting viewing

      celtic v ac milan - roma v lyon - inter milan v valencia

      braga v parma - livorno v espanyol

      as with most football fans i hope this passes without any incidents but if they do show signs of trouble i hope uefa have the courage to act aginst italy as they would england

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      • Your right these upcoming games will be the testing point on whether internal action by clubs and Italian authorities has worked. However, hope an outright ban is the last option, not the first.

        First closed games to punish fans, second sanction individual clubs, last sanction entire countries clubs.

        Seems to me a ban alone won't do anything. But threat along a clearly defined escalation of sanctions might. Problem is solved by individual clubs, national authrorities, and above all, individual fans, rooting out the bad apples.

        Personally hope they get it sorted. I want to spank the Italian clubs on the pitch, and want no astrix next to CL number 6.

    • Italian football chiefs are planning to halt the championship for two weeks and order clubs to play behind-closed-doors in order to tackle their hooliganism problem.

      just spotted on bbc page in the gossip section - will this work?