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  • Kuen Kuen Feb 11, 2007 16:51 Flag

    Zenden & Kewell

    These are two players not very popular amongst the fans, but Rafa has been given them quite a long of running time in all the important games.

    Kewell has been injured for so many months. He might have found his majic touch on & off late last season. Then he is off again, for over half a season after he scored a goal in WC2006. He did not deserve the money we paid him for.

    Zenden has never been an effective player, inspite of his hard work. He is often clumsy, slow, unable to read the play as a midfielder should.

    I don't feel Zenden deserve a place even on the bench. For Kewell, what to say, he has been on the sick bed longer than the time he has on the bench.

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    • I agree with most as Zenden is a poor option for us and offers next to nothing. Kewell is a fantastic player when fit though. Ican't beleive we'd get any decent money for him and I'd love him to stay and regain his form for us. Does anyone know how much longer he has left to run. I half expected him to be out of contract at the end of the season. If not he must be next season??

    • To your point, I'd say Rafa see's the potential in Kewell that we all hope would come out if he was fully fit. Time will tell if he can perform as he did for Leeds with a red shirt on, but patience is sure to run out sooner or latter if he can't stay fit

      For Zendon, my guess is that he was brought in as a squad player to fit into the rotation system. Two new young wingers, Pennant and Speedy, needed veteran back up, add on Garcia who while he can be great, can also be unpredictable. I'd say Zendon was brought in to fill a gap based on last years budget. But he never filled it, an that gap should now disappear with new funds being available. I doubt he'll be with us next season.

    • simply when fit kewell cando a good job like pennant and gonzalez can zenden is wjat most people wold say as overrated and spent i would say keep kewell,pennant and gonzalez get shot of zenden and buy someone like shaun wright phillips to replace zenden four flying wingers all with the ability when fit to produce the goods

    • how do you get rid of 2 players who between them are picking up over 1/2 a million pounds in wages each month? whos going to pay them the same amount of money? who the hell gave them the contract in the first place?

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      • When Zenden left the Boro for Liverpool, many Boro fans were not happy to see him go, because of great performances he put in week in, week out. But since he has been at Liverpool, I don't think that any Boro fan would be missing him. He has been very poor and unreliable, he should not be even mentioned on the reserve team list, never mind the first team. If you can get some cash for him, go and get it.
        Kewell has never been the player he was, when he was at Leeds, and as many of you have said "he was rushed back from injury" and because of this he has never fully recovered. Give the lad another season, maybe on loan to get his full fitness back, then see how he is. I wouldn't right him off yet, he is still a very good player and offloading him could come back to haunt you.

    • For Zendon, please show him the door. No player who does not add to the squad should be part of the squad.

      For Kewell, and as others have raised on this thread Bellamy, think the question maybe academic. I'd anticipate with funds now available that both these players will be replaced from starting positions by new aquisitions (Winger and Striker I'd say are 1 and 2 on Rafa's shopping list).

      If they are fit (Kewell) and can fight for their place on the training pitch then fine, stick around. But they will become squad players. Both could do well in cup compititions, and fill in for rotation policy, but if they need first team football, then they are welcome to leave for a tier 2 team.

    • with our new spending power we can off-load average players and good players and bring in great layers instead

      i am no fan of either player as they dont deserve to wear our shirts

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      • We should not be talking about individuals but the team as a whole. For this reason, I think Bellamy and Crouch are great for the team.

        Zenden does not gel with the rest of the team, he cannot hold the ball, he cannot pass the ball and he certainly cannot shoot with the ball, basically, he is not up to our level. Sell him, period!

        As with Kewell, I think we should loan him out for one season so that he can get match fit and see how he does from there. He is a bit of a love and hate situation, he could be absolutely brilliant on one day and total crap another day.

    • Don't have the exact figures to hand but it seems like everytime we play Zenden we lose, as he was on a free we should sell him in the summer foe anything we can get. As For HK well apparantly Spurs are going to offer 3 million in the summer if they de we should bite there hands off as he is just another sicknote and a huge cost to the club.

    • I agree! I dont get it why they were bought? Also, still cant make up my mind about the effectiveness of Crouch or Bellamy. Bellamy seems very similar to Kuyt is terms of style but does not get the job finished and what is ever going to happen to Fowler? A natural proven goal scorer who is wasted & not given chances to play?!

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      • Kewell was just starting to show his true form last season before he got injured again. In the past he has been rushed back from injury early and that is why he ends up getting hurt again. I think we will almost crtainly hang on to him as we wouldnt get much back if we did sell him and i believe once fit could be a cert for that left wing position. Disagree completely about bellamy, he has excellent pace and a good finish, he also (despite being the opposite sometimes at blackburn/newcastle) is a team player and is not greedy.

    • I was surprised to see Zenden on the team sheet yesterday

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      • Zenden i was suprised to see on the pitch and surprised that he wasnt taken off sooner!!!!!!!!

      • Both will be gone in the summer just wait and see,
        Rafa will be building a new squad in the summer expect a few exits in the summer, if I was Rafa if Mascherano does well on the pitch between now and the end of the season (that's if he is allowed to play but Rafa is impressed with his training) I would buy him as we Stevie G, Xabi and then Javier we would have the best central midfield in the prem possible Europe.
        To be fair when Kewell was fully fit he did perform very well for us and the second half of last season was (after Stevie G) our second best player. But Rafa will let these two go as he knows our major weakness in the team and they will be the first to strengthen.