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  • Xan Xan Feb 18, 2007 20:39 Flag

    What a way to prepare for wednesday

    What the Fuck??? If this story is true than that will surely be the end of his liverpool career, i hasten to add IF, i cant see it myself, hes a livewire but according to yahoo he 'hacked at his legs with a golf club'. Really????? i'll wait and see, i reckon more like pissed up arguement gone wrong, would be a shame as Bellamy has been pretty good this season, and is still young. But noone attacks John Arne Riise and gets away with it!!!!!!!!

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    • If its true then Bellamy has done what i have wanted to do to John Arne Riise for along time now.He gave a penalty away at Newcastle!!!! Hes a chicken with no head!!!
      Well done lad

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      • purescouselfc...
        you call yourself a red ???
        riise may not be having a great season,but we all know what a quality player he is !!! whereas bellend still has it all to prove to the reds.... i just hope we can get a good fee back for him, send him to a club where he can be what he wants, the centre of attention.
        just in case you have only been a fan for the last month or so... we have always had the ethos NO ONE IS BIGGER THAN THE CLUB

    • At the end of the day we have three or four different variations of what happened according to the tabloids and other media. Liverpool will deal with it internally and it will more than likely leave to an exit or two. (Let's hope John is not one of them). The club will want to show that under the new ownership anything like this will simple not be tolerated.

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      • if the papers are exaggerating the whole thing why dont the club release a statement about the whole incident
        if it is true then rafa will have to decide who is to blame and what punishment needs dishing out
        i am not going to start having a go at anyone on this forum but lets not jump to conclusions as i have read that the players most likely to have been involved and therefore most likely to be punished include bellamy,riise,pennant and fowler i mean come on do you not think theres a theme here lets just look in the past see whos had a spot of bother add 2+2 and make 5
        wait until wednesday when we get a good result at barca and see what if any damage has been caused