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  • Colin Colin Feb 18, 2007 18:35 Flag

    What a way to prepare for wednesday

    Just wanted hear your views on what happened in portugal and what effect this will have on the team on wednesday.....

    Is bellamy liverpool career going to come to a premature end !

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    • Just typical of Liverpool, their players and their so called fans to blame the press for everything that happens.

      Let me have a guess you will all sing "Justice for the drunken players", "Justice for the drunken payers" for about 6 minutes at your next home game.

      You pile of Red Shite morons !

    • NEVER TRUST THE TABLOIDS they are pure scum and would'nt know what news is if it hit them in the face all they care about is selling papper, basicly over hype any situation and make the rest of it up

      what most likly happened is that the players had a few beers did a bit of shouting and singing maybe had a little row and got sent to bed but hey that dosent sell papers does it?

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      • it just sounds way too far fetched. I could easily believe that bellamy and riise fell out and had a bit of a ruck, but "hacking at his legs with a golf club) or "being pulled apart by benitez" , the media have invented half of this. The trouble is with all these types of stories is that obviously no reporters were their in the hotel room to witness the event, that means that al their facts about this assault were gathered from unnamed "insiders". Well condiering the attack took place in riises room then this so called insider who has spoke to the press must have been a player at the club, or far far more likely did not exist and th journlists have got their story from the rumour mill.

    • Don't know why they signed the "hunchback" in the first place, anybody with any sense knew he would be trouble.

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      • What the Fuck??? If this story is true than that will surely be the end of his liverpool career, i hasten to add IF, i cant see it myself, hes a livewire but according to yahoo he 'hacked at his legs with a golf club'. Really????? i'll wait and see, i reckon more like pissed up arguement gone wrong, would be a shame as Bellamy has been pretty good this season, and is still young. But noone attacks John Arne Riise and gets away with it!!!!!!!!

    • I Believe Bellamy was only bought as season long cover for cisse and as far as the so called "FIGHT" i don't believe it's true maybe the arguement in the bar yes but how the F**k are they supposed to know about what happend at two o'clock in the morning behind closed doors. the only way we will find out is if craig and john start on wedensday if so its just one of those thing s but if only one starts then we know somethings up