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    With all the money now in the game especially in the top 4 now we've have had our injection of cash I always see the "who should we buy now" threads. But what if even with all the cash a big name decided to leave, who could replace them.

    Imagine if Stevie G or Jamie Carragher left us or Ronaldo or Rooney left United or Lampard or Terry left Chelsea or Henry left Arsenal. "Never" I hear you say but over the years we have all seen our favorites leave for one reason or another, they could go to taste European footy or get badly injured or, and more likely with the united lads they could be hit in the face by a flying boot via Fergies foot, have a big fall out over quotes from their book and be offloaded to Real.

    If your favorite left who would you replace them with.

    Take Peter Schmichel for instance remember what a nightmare that was for United. When Rushie left we were lucky to get Aldridge in. Could Chelski cope with the loss of Lampard or Terry?(Which is a possibility with the future of Mourine still uncertain)
    Have we ever replaced Owen or in-his-prime Fowler?

    Getting loads of Squad players is all well and good but if the big guns left squad players just wouldn't cut it.

    There is no one as good as Stevie G in my book but if he left, he would need to be replaced but by Who? Same goes to all teams and their big guns?

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    • Would love to see a playmaker in the mould of Kaka join Liverpool. Whilst he is a different type of player from Steve G, we have enough defensive cover in midfield to compensate so attacking flair is whats required. Of course whether Kaka would prefer cold Britain compared to sunny Spain is another debate altogether.

    • Well Villa had admitted he was impressed with Liverpool, had met Rafa, amazed by Anfield at how good the fans are and they way they support the team, he liked Liverpools style of play and admitted out of the top four clubs Liverpool would be his main choice because he reckoned his style of play would suit the team and with the spanish players he would settle in a lot quicker.
      Who knows, Rafa might test the water in the summer, he is a quality striker and is considered world class!

    • Great post. Others have talked about the skills that cannot be replaced, and I agree with most of the comments, so wont' focus on that. But really a skilled player can be replaced with the right amount of cash and luck in the transfer market. There are players out there that can match both Stevie's and Cara's skills (although tough to get someone so well rounded as Stevie), but that's only part of what they bring.

      It's what we don't see that can never be replaced. What is said in the dressing room, what goes on during training, and what they inspire in others every single day.

      Fact is you can't buy a player like Stevie or Carra, you got to grow a new one. There's a replacement for both of them, and hopefully those replacements are right now cleaning boots at Melwood. Its the teenager who's heart pumps a litle faster when he puts on the shirt, who dreams, and still believes in playing, not getting paid.

      I'm glad Rafa is making the right noises about investing in youth, as that is the only chance you have of creating the magic again. Growing a player with world class skills who's also the heart and soul of the squad.

    • This is a real tough one.

      Gerrard can play pretty much anywhere in midfield and be world class. His roots are here and he is Liverpool through and through. I'm trying to think of anyone in Europe like him and to be honest I can't think of anyone who could bring to the team what he does. As such I believe he is currently irreplaceable. My best guess as to anyone who could even come close would be Kaka of Milan.

      Similar story with Carra. He is Mr versatile, can play anywhere in defence and also as a holding midfielder. He is world class in most, if not all of, those positions. Again Liverpool through and through, you would not get better commitment from any player in the game today. Again I am struggling to think of a name that offers all of the above, maybe Gallas of Arsenal?

      With regards the other top teams:

      Arsenal losing Henry. Arsenal do not appear to have a bottomless pit of money and with Henry aging they'll find his value declining over the next few years. For this reason they will also struggle to replace him. If money were no object best placed would be Fernando Torres of Athletico, on a budget I think they'd struggle.

      Chelsea - Terry, he offers to them what Gerrard offers to us although he is a one trick pony in so much as he only plays centre back. For this reason he is more replaceable than our own captain, though I'm sure his influence at the club is not in question. The best natural replacement I can think of would be our very own Carra, though I'm sure such a deal would never come to pass.

      Lampard, decent enough footballer but over-rated in my opinion. I think they already have a ready made replacement in Michael Ballack, as the two dont seem to play well together in the same team.

      Now for United, Rooney is a tough one. A talented footballer with a dark side. They'd miss his contribution on the field but not necessarily his suspect temperament and off field publicity. Again most likely replacement for me would be Torres.

      Ronaldo is arguably one of the best players in the world based on current form, he is young and coming into his prime. He is versatile and can play effectively down both flanks. There is not another player in the world, who does what he does, who could replace him for them. I think he is considered irreplaceable. Pushed for a suggestion probably Simao of Benfica or Robben of Chelsea.

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      • Stevie G cannot be replaced, Full stop. There are plenty of world class midfielders, but none could ever show the passion and commitment for liverpool, as well as being 1 of if not the most complete midfielder in the world. Carra could be replaced but at huge expense and not by anyone better. Man U could not replace the dancing prick, or Shrek, again they are both world class. Arsenal however, may be able to replace Henry, nor perhaps for class, but he seems to have lost his mojo, and looks downbeat half the time, they clearly have the best youths around at the mo ( which we learned far too well). As for Chelski, who gives a shit, they have bought everyone and anyone, and after 2 years the 'Special one' has lost to man u, Lampard hopefully will go to Barca in the summer and we'll wait and see who they can get for 100 million.

        On another note, i hope we dont just go spend crazy and lose the core of the team, i know it seems to have worked for chelski, but lets be honest before Roman they didnt really have much of a team anyway.

        Exciting times.

    • I think we already have a player who could replace him as much as possible -Xabi Alonso and with Mohamed Sissoko beside him, then you have Mascherano waiting to show us what he's all about.
      Talking about if Stevie G left this is the crack from Juventus, Seemingly.
      But Corriere dello Sport says Liverpool have been informed by Juve chiefs that they are only prepared to discuss Trezeguet if a swap involving Steven Gerrard is on the table.