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  • duncan t duncan t Feb 25, 2007 08:39 Flag

    when is someone going to

    have the balls to say gerrard dived ?

    utter disgrace, yeah, you won the game easy, but gerrard ?

    total disgrace.

    how do you defend that ?

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    • Have to admit Stevie was bad for the first one just like Johson was bad for his penalty yesterday, and he was'nt even touched if you watch the replays.

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      • I totally agree sehlfc i just wrote a post myself saying exactly the same thing but when i came to post what I had written i wsa asked to confirm my password and lost it all, and couldn't be bothered to type it out again epecially as you had already said pretty much exactly what i was gonna say, but the only thing i could add is that Gerrard is not a cheat like johnson was in that blatant dive (and thats not the first time, Moyes said as much in the post match interview when he said they have looked at all the ones not given), the only accusation you could level at Gerrard is that it was not very sporting, but hey that's life we didn't exactly get much help from the ref Wednesday night when the Barca players kept falling own the moment a liverpool player went near them.

    • "you must be talking about your own murdering fans."
      by making statements such as this it just shows what a blinkered brainless moron you really are duncan, as there is no need for comments like this on the boards as they are neither constructive or helpful

    • I am a Liverpool supporter through and through and have to say Stevie looked for the first penalty and played the ref for the first pen, but everyone does it, some win some don't this time Stevie won. The second though was a blantant penalty.

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      • i think the blame lies squarely on the blades defender i mean how much of an idiot do you have to be to carry on grappling with a player when the ref has his eyes on you as a corner is taken
        i think more of these penaltys should be being awarded as if this holding and pulling happens outside the box then its a foul and a yellow card automatically and the amount of defenders who use the holding and pulling of players as a way of defending set plays is a joke and this decision yesterday might make a few of them realise that you cant do it full stop
        i am including all teams in this but at the risk of sounding biased liverpool are not often guilty of this tactic as we use the much critisiced zonal marking system which means we dont have to be trying to block and grab opponents as we are marking zones not men
        the penalty was a penalty and stevie was being illegally blocked and pulled from an opposition defender in the box

      • Whether Stevie spoke to the Ref about the defender holding him or not, as he tried to go round him he was dragged down. Now i'm sorry for all those who disagree but thats a penalty. Every player in the prem would shout to the Ref if someone was all over them in the box and Stevie is no different. He did nothing wrong at all, just pointed out what the defender was doing.

        Second one was blatent, no doubt about that. He put his arms on his shoulder and pulled him back. You idiots who fail to see that must be watching a different match.

        Role on Athens! Goodbye Barca!

    • Just watched "Goals On Sunday" and the three penalties were looked at in length and I would say.

      1) Gerrard's 1st was a soft penalty which he was no doubt looking for but as the defender was warned twice by the ref prior to the incident he was a fool, but a dubious penalty none the less.

      2) Gerrards second clear penalty no argument

      3) Johnson's penalty a clear dive just as Gerrard he was looking for the spot kick.

    • you must be talking about your own murdering fans.

    • the same way you defend that diving cheat Johnson week in week out!