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  • Jinder Jinder Mar 21, 2007 17:13 Flag

    Thoughts on Reserves Playing in Lower Leagues

    I agree with everything you said there Sean -- but every other league does it and it seems to help the development of the national team -- if it did ever come about I would like to see a rule that there had to be an english minimum of (say) 6 players out of the 11 on the pitch....
    but I understand why lower league clubs would object -- and in this country we don't seem to like change --
    everyone harps on about how many clubs we have and how 'if it's not broke don't fix it' -- but it is broken -- look at our national team -- and although I do rate Nugent as a prospect -- the fact that we have to call up a player who plays championship football week in week out shows that we are struggling....

    The managers of teams are saying that if they want the players to get experience to loan them out to them -- but the point is that they want them to play football in lower divisions but with a certain (managers) style and method (wheter it be Benitez, Moyes or SAF) --- this will keep fans away as the result won't be as important ---
    But the lower league chairman also have to have a look at themselves and realise perhaps they're to blame for the decline of the national team by placing stupid price tags on their players -- I mean £10m for a promising player with half a season in the top flight such as Curtis Davis -- I'd rather buy agger and Vidic -- combined they cost less!!! I'm not saying championship sides should sell all their good players -- i'm just saying that the reason say many managers go abroad is the ludicrious price placed on 'promising' players head if they are english --- with a chance they may not make it --- £12 million for Bale??? He's good but £12m --- even for any left back in the world is alot of money!!!

    But my question is why can't they revamp the reserve league system some how (I have no ideas by the way) so that it is more competitive ??? any ideas guys??