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  • andy w andy w Mar 22, 2007 05:58 Flag

    Thoughts on Reserves Playing in Lower Leagues

    Checked it,can't see a problem, unlike your latest one.

    Cut & paste from your message follows... not good.....look at yourself, what you have actually written requires you to look deep down at yourself,here's your text...

    how to make yourself look a boob, fool and dweeb all rolled into one on the internet, critiscise someone for something and then in the same sentence drive a pole up ya arse..............oh, the joy of listening to a RS................

    As you can see you are talking from experience, you are proficient in looking a boob etc (with the bad spelling) and there also seems to be a strong emphasis on shoving things up bottoms ! Is that why you're ID is SEANLIKESMEN ?

    Then again I suppose you're used to being shafted supporting such a shit football team, but you do seem to like bottoms quite a lot!

    Have you considered counselling for your beliefs into crap football teams and anal insertions?

    Perhaps leaving mummy or god forbid,talking to girls may help you....but with your tastes I can't see it....oh I forgot the hilarious hahahahahahahahahh that has to be obligatory inserted into every message......what a side splitter !

    What a funny "man" you are, NOT !!

    By the way, check your other threads bum lover.