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  • Jinder Jinder Mar 21, 2007 21:39 Flag

    Thoughts on Reserves Playing in Lower Leagues

    European Reserves Cup League -- like the idea of that but whether it is feasible I have my doubts...

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    • It would be a great idea but then again, imagine the expenses the clubs will incur with travelling, lodging and transport etc, etc. Also, the FA should try to revamp the reserve league by making it more competitive. The winner of the league and the runner up will go through to the 1st division. The year after it will happen again but with the difference that the first two teams promoted will return to the reserve league unless they don't finish in the first 4spots. As for the reserves to be introduced in the championship, I think it's a bit absurd as it's not fair on the other championship teams.

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      • >> The winner of the league and the runner up will go through to the 1st division

        ok, and which teams do they replace? and where do these replaced teams go?

        also, what about the promotion aspects that are currently in place in the 1st division where the top 2 get auto promotion and the next 4 teams playoff - how would this work if the 2 reserve teams finish say 1st and 3rd - who would get promoted, and who would contest the playoffs?

        personally, the idea has merits - but you can not just go to any club in the football league and say "sorry guys, you have to expelled from the league to make way for Liverpool (or any other clubs) reserve team. how would this be fair to that clubs fans.

        in my opinion, to be fair to all the other clubs and their respective fans, they would have to set up a league somewhere in the non league arena, with promotion possibilities and so the reserve teams work their way up into the leagues (if they are good enough) the same way other clubs do.