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  • MATTHEW MATTHEW Mar 22, 2007 23:44 Flag

    Thoughts on Reserves Playing in Lower Leagues

    both the reserve league and the under 18's leage are split into north and south, also both northern leagues have 10 teams in if this was increased to 15 or 20 there would be more games making it more competitive

    at the moment players are sent out to gain first team experience what modern managers want is to have their players together and working with coaches they know this is unlikley under the current system

    i dont want to see any changes to the current league format expect for divisions below the championship become north + south leagues to cut costs for teams and fans alike also increasing the number of local derbys - however back to the matter if clubs build links to clubs then 3 or 4 loan players can play together gaining first team experience that is all i can see happening for now