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    Thoughts on Reserves Playing in Lower Leagues

    This subject has raised it head again, and for me its a great idea for the development of players, playing competitive football at 16-20 instead of reserve fixtures, If any one has been to a resevere match, they know how bad they can be.

    Although it would be nice if it happened, there would be a lot to sort out. How would they fit into the league system, how far if they where promoted would they be able to climb? Would players be able to move to the first team at will?

    Personally I would like to see them in the conference and limited to the second divison. This is the area of the game that needs money injected into it. So imagine say Accrington Stanley V Liverpool Res, this would be a big game and would generate a big crowd and therefore more cash to these smaller clubs that work on a tight rope.

    Of course some of the clubs will have the league place threatned and some kind of compensation system would have to be set up. Ideally maybe the conference brought into the football league.

    But the main benift would be to the youngsters of the top clubs giving them experience as a team and give them the skill, chracter to be able to step up when needed. At present the team is broke up and sent out on loan, what good does that do!

    thoughts anyone?

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    • both the reserve league and the under 18's leage are split into north and south, also both northern leagues have 10 teams in if this was increased to 15 or 20 there would be more games making it more competitive

      at the moment players are sent out to gain first team experience what modern managers want is to have their players together and working with coaches they know this is unlikley under the current system

      i dont want to see any changes to the current league format expect for divisions below the championship become north + south leagues to cut costs for teams and fans alike also increasing the number of local derbys - however back to the matter if clubs build links to clubs then 3 or 4 loan players can play together gaining first team experience that is all i can see happening for now

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    • Well their should be a Reserves League then young players would get a game frequently instead of either being loaned off or sat on the subs bench week in and week out without a competitive game... also scouts would get to see young talent also the reserves as we know isn't just about young players the reserves is also used for players who've come back from injury but aren't considered good enough 4 the 1st team... their could be a reserves league as well as European Reserves Cup League... could be very interesting... I'd be interested in any replies...

    • I understand Rafa's intentions and the need to develop the players but revamping the football league to accomodate for the reserves would be nigh on impossible. Although, playing football is of course better than simply sitting on the benches, being involved in the conference and limited to the second divison surely will not develop a player more so than him being loaned out to a first division side as the competition would be much tougher.

      Secondly, I dont see why LFC and the other big clubs should have to be charitable to the smaller clubs inorder to raise money for them. Thats the job of the FA for me.

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