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  • Let this overrated bum go to barca. Sell him at a profit and get someone we NEED instead. Mascherano and Alonso are just fine in the holding role and unlike the clumsy giraffe Sissoko they can actually score and set up goals!

    Remember this is a player that has NEVER scored or set up a goal for us, has numerous yellow (and red) cards to his name and is p*ss poor in the tackle and passing. Quiet WHY so many LFC fans rave about this gangly injury prone bum is beyond me. Not good enough now or EVER in a red shirt... send him to Spain asap, he isn't worth the red shirt he wears.


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    • Paisley some of your points now and again do make sense, but you might be wrong about Sissoko, he is still only very young and is learning his trade, so what if he has'nt scored.
      Henchoz and Rob Jones two great Liverpool players in there day never scored for Liverpool(Henchoz did but it was in a friendly before he went to Celtic).
      The fact is he will score one day and knowing how football goes it will be a goal that is crucial(maybe a cup winning goal).
      His job is plain and simple to put presure on the opposing team midfield and attack,which he does very well indeed, yea his passing is not that good neither is Jamie Carragher and who wants to get rid of him.
      He is only young and he will get better and better, the problem these days(and don't start going on about how we still hav'nt won the league for so long, it pains me as well),is that some supporters are too inpaitent.
      What Rafa has been trying to do is build a squad that will compete for the title year after year, now he has the money and some youthful players(look at the young squad and theones with potential(Carson,Agger,SISSOKO) these are players that will be part of these new team that Rafa is building. So you should have a little more paitent if Rafa does'nt give us the title in the next two/three season the americans will get rid.