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  • James James Apr 19, 2007 06:24 Flag

    Cup Final tickets

    Just read that the allocation for the FA Cup final is 25,000 tickets per club, an increase of 1,500 on last season. The capacity at Wembley is 20,000 more I believe. Just when will football supporters be given a fair deal, it is the same disgraceful sham year in and year out. I got a ticket last year via West Midlands county FA, and the people sat by me didn't know any of our songs. The FA couldn't care less, their cronies will be well catered for as usual. I have heard that the allocation for the CL Final will be a mere 17,500, but I hope that is just a rumour, however it would not surprise me one little bit. Are we really so powerless that we can do nothing about it? I fear that the answer is yes.

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