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  • Sorry, didnt i mention this geezer, like, months agao, when you buddies where tossing over Villa..........who like i said has since been on the slide..

    Do you guys ever watch any other football, besides your own team???

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    • Yeah you're right. we've all been speculating about Villa but at that time, he was in hot form and scoring regularly, plus, he was in Rafa's good books and from Valencia, so it was only a matter of time that a deal would get through ( which it didn't). Just speculations Sean!!

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      • Villa was never in that hotter form......Torres is much better as ive said for months..

        My point is this.........speculation is always there and the rags print more shyte than some of the newbies on this message board, its just to fill pages when someone with a foreign sounding name, scores a goal........

        Next thing we know, those who like the sound of a foreign sounding name, jump on here and say, oooooooohh, wouldnt he be good, a great addition to the squad,ooohhhhh aka Villa, hes got a buyout clause, he loves our club .

        When he finally pops up in a Cl game and everyone see´s he aint so great, they now say he´s crap, its just buying headlines and everyone beleives it.......

        Again, my point is watch the games and judge for yourself.............please