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  • Patrick_Kopkings Patrick_Kopkings Apr 25, 2007 01:56 Flag

    Fernando Torres

    I'm sorry to say that if Villa would be the PERFECT partner to Kuyt, then we're in deep shit as Kuyt can't control, can't shoot, can't score and nevermind the 2 goals against Wigan. His workrate is Ok but apart from that he's not a Liverpool class player. Maybe next year he might improve a tad but I wouldn't expect much from him. I like the guy cause he's very down to earth but he'll probably be like all other strikers we recently had like Diouf, cisse, Baros. If I had to get a 20+ striker, I would go for Obafemi Martins at Newcastle. Anyways, Torres is one class act and with Stevie and Xabi delivering, we might be a side to reckon with..

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    • Before you begin to moan about Kuyt, here are some facts, he has been put in a position behind the main striker for most of the season, more of an attacking midfielder/second striker.This position is foreign to him as in Feyonoyed(Spelt wrong I know) he was the front man the main striker.
      When he has been the main striker he has scored(Reading,Bolton,Wigan,Newcastle), so before you start saying he ain't got shit watch all the facts.
      Drogba first season goals in the prem=10
      Kuyt first season goals in the prem=12.
      Drogba played nearly all the season and was front man for all those games.
      Kuyt has been in the Rafa rotation policy and mainly been used in the positions I mentioned earlier.
      Now if we get Villa someone who can play in both roles then we will have Kuyt as our main man, or Villa and between them watch the goals flow.