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  • Patrick_Kopkings Patrick_Kopkings Apr 25, 2007 01:56 Flag

    Fernando Torres

    I'm sorry to say that if Villa would be the PERFECT partner to Kuyt, then we're in deep shit as Kuyt can't control, can't shoot, can't score and nevermind the 2 goals against Wigan. His workrate is Ok but apart from that he's not a Liverpool class player. Maybe next year he might improve a tad but I wouldn't expect much from him. I like the guy cause he's very down to earth but he'll probably be like all other strikers we recently had like Diouf, cisse, Baros. If I had to get a 20+ striker, I would go for Obafemi Martins at Newcastle. Anyways, Torres is one class act and with Stevie and Xabi delivering, we might be a side to reckon with..

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    • I still say that we should test the water with a bid for Henry.I know the chances are slim but with the problems at Arsenal at the moment it may be worth a punt,and Arsenal fans seem to be continually debating his worth to the team-madness- so the time may be right.

      I agree with patrick.I like Kuyt's workrate he is a genuine 100%er but his first touch does need to be improved but time will tell.

      Whoever we go for they have to be able to have the physicality to survive in the Premiership but the skill to score goals..Morientes had the skill but couldn't cope physically..i have a concern that Villa will be the same.

      All i do know is that 25/30m bricks is a lot of money we'd better get it right!