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    Where are all the TRUE LFC fans going?

    I'm beginning to lose faith in the existence of what I call TRUE LFC fans. You know the type - if given the choice they'd rather lop an ear off than see the Mancs win anything. The type where nothing in life gives them more satisfaction than seeing the Mancs get belted.. The same type who dream about jamming Gary Neville's Manc badge so far up his ass his dentist could kiss it for him.

    These aren’t the fair weather supporters, the bandwagon jumpers, the kids wearing the Steven Gerrard shirts. These are the ones who have taken decades to develop a deep-rooted and unwavering dislike (though at the same time, a sick kind of respect as well) for everything that the old enemy is and has achieved as a club.

    But now, as we face the horrifying possibility of Chavski & the Mancs squaring off for 3 trophies, these fans seem to be wilting, going soft, losing touch with 'reality'. I now several people - LFC to the core - who have recently decided to throw their support behind the Mancs in the title run-in. OK they admitted it was akin to choosing between syphillus and chlamydia, but their new belief is that someone just has to stop Chelsea from taking the lot. They'd take a second Manc treble in less than a decade, over a Chelsea clean sweep. And I just don't know WTFs going on with these people.

    Fergie was quoted in the papers a couple of months back, saying that even Liverpool fans were wishing him luck in their quest to stop Chelsea. Then we had Bobby Charlton saying that 'the whole country' wants United to win the title, for the sake of football. Chris Waddle was harping on about similar things recently as well. What I'd like to know is whether that really is the state of public opinion, especially among LFC fans.

    OK, United are currently the benchmark, playing the most attractive brand of football in the country. And Chelsea are absolutely rubbish value for money considering their ridiculous investment. But when it comes to the silverware, I ask is it really so bad that a club whose success will always be pinned on their rich sugar-daddy, sweep the lot over a club whose glory-hunting fans will be even more unbearable should they pull of the treble 'against all odds - in spite all of Chelsea's millions'?? Not to mention the fact they will inch closer to our formidable domestic and European records.

    I don’t like Chelsea. And their manager is an obnoxious twat. But that dislike has only had a few years to fester. My United dislike goes way back to when I filled my first nappy as a toddler (no, the timing was no coincidence).

    So this is an appeal to the real LFC fans. Tell me you’re still out there, and you agree with me - that if this year's trophy cabinet ends up empty at Anfield, the ONLY thing that will make it bearable is another empty one at Old Trafford.

    If it comes down to three head-to-heads, it has to be Chelsea for the lot, and Man U for squat!

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