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  • A Yahoo! User Apr 30, 2007 07:17 Flag

    Where are all the TRUE LFC fans going?

    We dont care who you cheer for you daft dubber, i just think every one need to remember that manure still have to play the second leg of AC tie yet as do chavski......

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    • As a loyal fan for over 30 years, I believe it is our duty to hate ManU, very much in the same vein as a dog will always bite off a cat's head! As for Chelsea, I don't hate them, just can't stand their manager Mourinarsehole!

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      • Yo Rick, what a world we live in, huh.

        Where your forefathers involved in the slave trade?
        Do you think Muslims should opress women?
        Do the think the Catholics should have sex before marriage.?
        Do you think homosexuality is against God?
        Should Every Evertonian call a Liverpool supporter a GOBSHYTE

        Rick its a big world out there, with some really nasty prejudice in it, what hope for your children......!!!!

      • I've also been a Liverpool fan for over 30 years.

        Perhaps it's time we supporters evolved beyond our obsessive tribal instincts and took a more considered view of our own side and the opposition. Man U have been the outstanding team of the premiership and deserve to win the permiership. We simply have to raise our game on a consistent basis.

        Despite my dislike for Mourinho, it would be very tough to compete against Chelsea's infinite money if they had a manager of Hiddinks calibre