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  • A Yahoo! User May 10, 2007 22:38 Flag

    Spurs will overtake us...

    You really are an arsehole of gigantic proportions!

    1) How many clean sheets has Robbo had ?( a good keeper I will grant you)

    2) You say we have no depth, then say once Spurs add more solidity - excuse isn't that another way of saying Spurs have no depth!

    3)When was the last time Spurs finished above us in the league?

    4) When was the last time Spurs won something?

    I too like Spurs style, but to say they are better than us is a load of bollocks!

    5) How many titles have you won. How many cups and other silverware?

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, I would rather trust a title winning, cup winning person with a great track record against other teams with superior financial resources i.e Rafa, than a fool such as yourself. You make it sound like its all gloom and doom when we are about to play in the European Cup Final you dick! How many finals have we been to while Rafa has been in charge? Perhaps we should call Rick Parry and tell him we have the wrong man in charge and that Paisley Shanks has all the answers. You know f*ck all about football other than what you see on TV. Even then you switch off after Man U have been on - DISCUSS

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