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    Spurs will overtake us...

    As you know by now (unlike the likes of damien dodd, jkjk, rafalution, wellboy etc) i'm not one to sit on the fence and blindly pretend my club is doing well when clealy it is not. I'm also not one to make predictions, but on this occasion i have used my vast knowledge and understanding of the Premier League to make a bold statement for you all to ponder... SPURS will break into the top four next aeason and we will be the club they displace!

    Let me now clarify why. Firstly their strike department is vastly superior to ours with KEANE and BERBATOV as good as any pairing around. Dimitar has been awesome in his first season in the prem and will only get better. Keane is a true sniper and i would KILL to have either in our squad. With Defoe as back up i'm sure all true LFC fans will acknowledge they beat us hands down upfront. We can only hope tha Berby is lured to Anfield though i fear this is wishful thinking on our part as Spurs will be in the Champions League at our expense soon enough so why would he move.

    Goalkeeping - There's no doubt that Paul Robinson is a better keeper than Pepe Reina, who cannot even get a sniff at international level, and even though Robbo's howler against Croatia was bad he still delivers more regularily in the prem week in week out WITHOUT a solid defence to hide his failings like butterfingers Reina.

    Midfield - Yes we are strong in the middle but we don't have an Aaron Lennon in our side and with Spurs persuing a replacement for Carrick soon i can see Hotspurs competing with us in midfield by next season.

    Defence - our defence is solid but we have NO DEPTH. Once Spurs get Ledley King back and add some more solidity at the back with Chimbonda and Dawson clicking, again Spurs will be as good as us. Perhaps better!

    MANAGER - I love Martin Jol's style. He has personality (unlike the dull and boring Benetiz) and it shows in his attacking outward style on the pitch. Further to this he believes in nurturing BRITISH talent and for that i commend him. Nuff said about racist Rafa and his cheap foreign imports...

    Therefore as another embarrasing season in the PREM for us proves, SPURS will be in the top four next season and we will NOT! Under Rafa in the league we are only going backwards. 10 losses is UNACCEPTABLE!

    Now - let's see you fairweather fans DISCUSS

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