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    ex-'Cornet Wales' now 'Coward Wales'!

    Prince 'Coward Wales' Harry looks forward to a year on the sofa watching telly while his men die in Iraq. Smart move!
    Three cheers for Harry!!

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    • The individual that qualify Harry as 'coward' must be a very brave individual, most likely a soldier in Basra...! He doesn't consider two impossible facts. 1- The media has publicized his deployment around the globe, giving the Iraqi insurgency an advance notice that they will get, in just a few more days, the biggest jackpot of their life, courtesy of the British government. All they need to do is plan a shrewd attack and grab hold of this prize worth MILLIONS! 2- And not just is the money. They'll get the pride of displaying a disheveled 'Prince' surrounded by heavily, masked galoots, promising decapitation in front of the cameras if their requests are not met. Fabulous. That would have been a 'master move'!!
      3- But that is not all, no. Every british soldier within a radius centered on Prince Harry would be almost at the same risk, perhaps not to be sequestered but certainly to be killed at any attempt to grab dear Harry. And believe me, any one of his soldiers in arms would gladly give his life trying to protect their Prince.
      All in all, the decision of the General in charge to avoid these catastrophic possibilities was not, WAS NOT Harry's but an intelligent member of the British Armed Forces who knows that prevention is the best policy.

    • Do we actually care if 'Harry' goes or not..... unless you are talking about Injury prone Mr.Kewell???? Be nice to see him fight alongside his mates for once!

    • Your name is an absolute piss take if you think he actially wanted to stay behind, and it's his father with the title prince of wales not Harry.
      MI6 and the armed forces are refusing for him to go, it's not him he wants to so he is now saying he is going to quit the forces in protest.
      I am not a royal family lover, but fair play to the lad for want to go to stand by his mates and fight.
      Not his fault the rest of his family and the british army won't let him.