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    Looks like my transfer targets are coming true.

    As some of you know I have said the following players have a good chance of coming to Liverpool.

    Millito,Simao and Alves.

    It looks like the majority will have bids in by the end of next week.
    According to sources and a newspaper report(The mIrror).
    Rafa will go for his targets(except for Siamo the rest are mentioned)
    As well as Darren Bent(hope not).

    Hope Rafa decides to go for Hunterlaar as it is strongly rumoured that he will go for another two strikers.
    If so my perfect choice would be.....
    Tevez and Hunterlaar
    What are your thoughts guys?

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    • personally if liverpool want 20 goals a season then they should sign a natural striker like Robbie Keane.dump craig bellamy and keep crouch

    • i watch a lot of football from around the world, here are my thoughts:

      etoo: too similar to kuyt, i just can't see them playing together. i can see etoo-crouch or kuyt-crouch. one conncern is etoo's physical strength, he would be missing a lot of games due to injuries. i don't like etoo's mental attitude either, sooner or later he would be trouble in the locker room.
      tevez: he does not convince me yet, sure, he has speed and determination, but he is not a team player. his actions seem isolated efforts. he gets my vote only if the price is right.
      torres: as etoo, very similar to kuyt. however, etoo would be a better partner than torres, since etoo is a better passer. torres would be more commited to LFC than etoo, no question about that. which one to pick? get the cheaper one.
      milito: i think you are referring to gabi milito, the defender, not diego milito, the forward. one of the best defenders in la liga, excellent anticipation, strong and not afraid of contact. he has my vote.
      simao: slightly better than pennant, worth the millions? i think not.
      alves: this guy is the real deal. i can't think of any other player in the world that can dominate the entire right side as well as he does. he is an excellent defender, excellent midfielder and a superb attacker and ball kicker. number 1 priority in my book.

      i am only commenting on the names that rafalution provided. i wish we were going after villa, berbatov and klose as well.

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      • Torres is better for Liverpool than Eto'o, just look at the quality of the two teams they play for and Torres comes out the better as he has no real back up maybe Petrov and Manchie if they can be arsed to go past the half way line.
        Eto'o has Ronaldinhio,Deco,Messi.Xavi,Inesta as back up.
        Torres would settle and work as part of a team.
        Yes I do mean Gabriel millito i think he is a great defender as well one of the best in La Liga.
        Tevez has proved he can play in the prem once he gets the chance and his preferred role is to play behind the main striker. This is perfect as we need Kuyt to go back to his preffered role as main striker as this is the way he will bag the goals.
        I am in two minds about Alves, yes he is a good and sometimes does control the whole right side in a game but I have seen games where he has been almost absent for the whole game. But the advatage he is young still.
        Hunterlaar get's my vote this is a striker in the same vain as Van Horseface and could be a real plus in the side.
        But Aurami looks pretty decent also.

    • Well, I'm not sure about Huntelaar but it seems that the italian media is speculating the Palermo's brazilian forward Amauri has been linked with us. I don't know if you follow Italian footy but I do and Amauri is one hell of a striker. As for the rest, I believe that Simao, Tevez, Millito and maybe either Villa or Torres will be bid for by the end of the week. Rafa's gonna have one bitchy summer runnin after players and we will wait in anticipation.

      About wednesday rafalution. where does your heart lay?? I have bad vibes but that's me.

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      • My heart says Liverpool, but the problem is Ac Milan are very strong.
        If we contain Kaka and Pirlo we will win it.
        My heart says 2-1 extra time crouchie scores the winner.
        My head says 3-2 Milan.
        Hope my hearts right.
        Burami is an excellant striker and I have heard rumbles about this striker Rafa reckons he is up there with Drogba as one of the best strikers in europe at the moment.
        My only concern will he adapt. The dutch league is a little slower than the prem but just as tough so Hunterlaar might settle in quick and 36 goals from 48 games is a hell of a scoring record. Plus he knows Kuyt from the national team so they know how each other play.
        I really don't know all I do know he is going for two strikers for definate.
        Tevez and Hunterlaar would still be my first choice though just as Tevez when finally manage to play showed he can adapt to the prem and to score against united at Old Trafford and two against Bolton shows he can do it.