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    .....................................Liverpools Reputation


    ............so in the aftermath of your team losing, the papers are also full of those that stormed the gates and got in with either dodgy tickets or no tickets at all....

    Fights and arrests........What will the 2 stoges think of their franchise now..

    What will they do to try and restore some good reputaton, as Europe seems to hate Liverpool and UEFA are blaming the club also..

    Seems some work needs to be done here also...........dont you think???

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    • Try looking at your own clubs achievements this year matey.... Lets all have a proper laugh!

    • I think with the new stadium the Yanks will be looking to introduce a whole new culture and this will overspill into yhe European travels. I don't believe that UEFA will open their ears, their attitude is 'Why should we be bothered!', I do however believe that Hicks and Gillette will want Liverpool to be seen as THE CLUB that everyone aspires to be associated with both on and off the field. These men don't sound like they are playing games and I think the fans really matter to them (Hence the views on resizing the plans for the new stadium especially the kop end!). I do hope they introduce quite simple yet fair ways to sell European tickets but also associate this with some sort of club passpot, issued by the club to legitimate supporters and that it co-ordinated with tickets sold to individuals so touting is eliminated. The club passport could be in essence a travel club that only carries those with tickets and the passport people in other countries could then refuse admission to unauthorised supporters!

    • Having only just got back from Athens I have to say for a showpiece european finale it was an absoloute disgrace. A poorly maintaned venue that wass built in 2004, a ring of steel with no friendly faces to assist only riot police and soldiers geared up with bottles of CS and a water cannon in clear view ........ sets the tone a bit doesnt it.
      They checked some tickets not others and yes some of fans let themselves down by not having tickets - but in simple terms do UEAF think that everyone going to the game has a ticket .... obviously foolish if they do. A simple big screen adjacent to the stadium would have sufficed and provided for those without tickets and for those that couldnt even get in with !!!
      The coments from UEFA are from someone that was whisked straight into VIP ..... so what do they know !?!?!?!
      I wont even meantion the airport and the tent erected for 30k to 40k liverpool supporters with one hot food stand. Flights delayed in some cases for up to 12 hrs, no orhanisation again and people being put on wrong planes says it all.
      For the record most of the locals that I spoke o in Greece were friendly and counted Liverpool as one of their favourite teams ...... just so you know (who are chelsea was a coimcal response by many !)

      I'll admit that there were a few bad eggs but I dont care what you say all clubs have those. UEFA - you need to take a lomg hard look at yourself as you get it wrong.

      But then again you could just blame us - its easier and thats what you usually do anyway.

      If nothing else we lost to the 'best' team in Europe this year and beat the 'best' team of last year to get there.

      Despite evrything its heart warming to know that we were Chelski and Manure wanted to be but weren't good enough.

      At least the three best European teams have won the european cup in the last three years !!!!


      For the record Cat 2 LFC fan ticket section 21

    • typical isn't it. RS fans being hooligans and giving the whole city and country a bad reputation.

      nothing changes. luckily no one was murdered.