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    You lost... get over it

    Its annoying me the 'Pool fans who are clutching at straws to try and take something good from last night.

    United got knocked out by the eventual winners, although we at least beat them. The fact that Liverpool got knocked out by them in the final rather than the semi's is irrelevant.

    Liverpool rested their players for this game and still couldnt win. Other than Barcelona they didnt have a hard game all tournament, they beat a fatigued Chelsea ON PENALTIES.

    Do you think if the semi finals had been reversed and you had played Milan over two legs things would have been any different? You lost against a Milan side in a neutral ground and they weren't even playing that well. I only wish it had stayed 2-0 so you couldnt call it a 'tight game'...

    Face it, you lost. Excuses like 'at least we got one step further than the Manc scum' and 'cheating Itai's' just stink of sour grapes...

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    • I was over it the morning after. Milan took their chances and we didnt so they deserved to win.

      The thing is, we are still building, our team will get stronger whilst other teams in the premier have almost peaked. The futures bright for us.

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      • rahul_rsi... how exactly am I contradicting myself... do you understand what this word means?

        lfcmob, yes Mascherano did mark Kaka out of the game, but the team does not revolve around him. Im not forgetting that milan made Uniteds defence look second rate, this is quite obvious. The fact of the matter was, Uniteds defence WAS 'second rate'... none of our first picks were available!! Its obvious that we were weakest in defence going into this game, and Milan exploited this.

        And lets not talk about IF's... IF you had played over two legs what could have happened...

        IF United hadnt been so injury plagued in defense...
        If United had drawn Chelsea instead of Milan...
        If Liverpool had actually played for both the League and the European Cup...

        If If If...

        Lets concentrate on what did happen shall we?

        Finally rorjac... other teams in the premiership have peaked! hmmm... Arsenal have the youngest team in the PL, United WILL sign new players to replace Giggs, Scholes and Solksjaer.. Chelsea, well they can do waht they want cant they...

    • Also the reason Milan didn't play as well against Liverpool is that Maschereno marked Kaka out of the game where as in the second leg of the semi-final he made Uniteds defence look second rate. Also the BIG difference you are forgetting is United had two bites of the cherry and over 2 legs who's to say what the Liverpool Milan result would have been.

    • Seems to be the other way round my United friend!

      "United got knocked out by the eventual winners, although we at least beat them. The fact that Liverpool got knocked out by them in the final rather than the semi's is irrelevant."

      Sour grapes!!!! Your the one clutching at straws....So next time you start a thread try not to contradict yourself.

    • sounds like you have sour grapes about not being in the final.

      I suppose there was nothing good came out of the FA cup final for Utd. You were resoundly beaten by the better team?

      Liverpool drew with Chelsea over the 2 legs.
      ManU LOST against Milan over the 2 legs.
      Both beating the other team in 1 leg.

      Getting knocked out by them in the final IS relevent, if the semis where the other way around would Utd have gone through either, having not beaten Chelsea all season?

      Hard Games? Are Roma, Lille, Copenhagen, Celtic, Benfica any better than Chelsea, Barcalona, PSV, Galatasaray, Bordeaux? Utd wanted to steer well clear of Barca and Chelsea in both draws!

      Sour grapes to you to.

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      • Of course it would have been nice to see United get to the final, if only to shut up all the Scousers who think we can't 'make it' in Europe.

        And I never said United had a hard draw, on paper it was easier than Liverpool's. But take out Barcelona and its not exactly hard. You beat Chelsea on penalties so nothing to brag about.

        And yes, nothing good came out of the FA Cup final for United, one of the worst finals Ive ever watched... It would have been nice to do ANOTHER double this season but it is probably a fair result as Chelsea deserved something from the season. Liverpool on the other hand got what they deserved... nothing.

        You say would the semi have been easier the other way around versus chelsea... ARE YOU SERIOUS?? I think every United fan in the world would have preferred to play Chelsea than Milan... you say we havent beaten them all season?? No we've DRAWN twice and lost 1-0 in the 25th minute of extra time in the other. If anything it shows how close these two teams are...

        Liverpool on the other hand lost TWICE to United, once to Chelsea and THREE TIMES to Arsenal...

        So no sour grapes... go shine your silver medal