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  • tony a tony a May 25, 2007 03:38 Flag

    UEFA SHOULD BUY THAT GERMAN REF A WATCH & GLASSES(Germans&Italians are best of friends though!)

    I know that most of us will be biased towards the English team,but that ref was a bit dodgy!
    UEFA should buy him a watch and some glasses before they let him referee another big game!
    It took the Italians about 1 minute to make a substitution in injury time and not only did he NOT add anything for it but he decidied to end the match about 20 seconds too early.
    We all know that it takes 1 second to score a goal!!
    Also I'm sure that the 1st goal was hand ball! Maybe not intentional but you can't score with your hand in football!
    Some of Gattuso's fouls were not even given freekicks!
    He didn't want to give freekicks(ONLY THE ONE JUST OUTSIDE THE PENALTY AREA),this is good for football because it makes it free-flowing but you have to give freekicks for bad fouls! Like the one on Crouch near the end for example!

    Still,he was German and the winners were Italians! Everyone knows from World War II that they are the best of friends united in their defeat!!

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